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            She keeps staring at me.  Her eyes bore a hole through my head.  I can feel the heat from her glance, warming my face.  Immediately, I second guess if I am correct that it is me who she wants.  In other circumstances, I would be totally comfortable with her.  However, it is just the two of us; no one else is anywhere close by.

            She lustfully watches me, guessing my every move.  Her sleek, sensual body moves in a little closer every minute.

            Her recent presence in my life has made me feel in a way that I have never felt before.  I feel excited, full of anticipation, nervous…and afraid.  I don’t want to fail this.  All of a sudden, this has become the most important, crucial moment of my life.  I have to do this right.  She alone will be the factor that molds my future life.  By the look in her eyes, I can tell she is fully aware of this.  While she is naked, her dark-skinned body glows with confidence.  As the moon lights up her elegant figure, she looks even more beautiful…and deadly. 

            Now we are dancing; only, we are not touching, not holding each other.  We are still a distance from one another, moving in a circle.  A dance of love, desire, hate.  I would like to make her believe that I am leading the dance, but she knows better.  She knows that I am following her, step by step.  She knows that I dare not fall behind.  Her eyes gleam with affection, trying to soothe my anxious heart.  She tries to convince me everything will be alright by erotically licking her lips and smiling a big, bright smile.  Not convinced, I continue dancing to our tempo.  Any outside world ceases to exist.

            While they are unspoken, we both have deep desires.  However, my desire is not the same as hers.  She desires me and is convinced that she will have me for her only.  I don’t feel the same way, but it is too late for that.  At this point, I have to go through the motions.  She knows that I don’t desire her the way she does me, but she doesn’t care.  She wants me more than anyone has ever wanted me.  She will have me.

            From the first moment we met, our eyes never lost contact.  They have been glued to each other ever since, and that won’t change now.  I can’t let it.  If I drop my eyes and lose sight of her, I will die.  In her, my life is held on eggshells.  Without her visual presence, I will soon drop dead, falling into oblivion.  I understand this more and more every time I blink and see her passionate eyes looking into my own.

            Then she makes her move.  I try to say something, but she springs into my arms, holding me as we gently fall to the ground.  She places her mouth on my cheek, and then looks deeply into my eyes.

            At that moment I realize that she is the first, and last, live panther I will ever see.  And no one will hear me scream.


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  2. Hey Noah! Courtney cuts my hair and I was telling her about my blog last night. She suggested I stop by your blog and read some of your short stories. I LOVE THIS ONE!

  3. I love it!


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