MTV Renews Reality Sensation

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MTV has officially announced the renewal of their newest reality hit.

That’s right, guidos and guidettes: Jersey Shore has been renewed for a 12-episode second season to air this summer.

The show first premiered with decent ratings, but gossip hyped up the show, turning it into MTV‘s highest-rated show currently on their channel.

MTV would have announced this renewal right after the finale of the first season, but the cast were asking for quite the big pay bump.  Sure enough, MTV agreed to pay the each cast member $10,000 per episode – which is a bargain for MTV with the ratings that show gets.

Leno’s Heart-to-Heart With Oprah

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The Late Night Wars are now over.  NBC kicked Conan O’Brien to the curb, Jay Leno will go back to hosting The Tonight Show on March 1st, and The Jay Leno Shows’ Monday-Friday 10pm (ET) will be filled with other programs. 

Jay Leno feels he has been unjustly blamed in the firing of Conan.  Leno is famous for wanting to be loved by all – so he is now doing what he feels he has to do for damage control on his public image.

Click here for a transcript of what was said by leno in the Oprah interview.

Did he do a good job explaining his side?  Did this help clean up his image?  Or did this make him look worse?

Weekly Life Lessons: 1/16/10-1/22/10

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This week, we learned how to live, laugh, & cope in Y2K(10).

We also learned:

The person who passed the Tonight Show torch to Conan was quite the debate…between Leno 2004 & Leno 2009 – here

We also discovered the final resolution to the late night debacle

NBC unveiled what life would look like post-The Jay Leno Show

With a huge 5-hour/week gap in their schedule, NBC extended the episode order for some primetime shows

We also learned that a game show was losing a host, but gaining a new one

We got to see the world through the eyes of an 8-year old in this next short story entry

Adult Swim on Cartoon Network was ordering some more chicken – supersized

We were sad to hear that Brothers & Sisters was losing a member of the family

And finally, we learned that not all Wal-Mart greeters are created equal

Weekly Life Lessons: 12/31/09-1/15/10

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During this period, we saw the change to a new year – which ushered in a new decade.

So what else have we learned?

At the twilight of 2009, we got a new entertainment website

We saw ABC show some renewal love

FOX jumped on that renewal bandwagon with their announcement

CBS also renewed some newbies

TNT showed some freshman love

We also learned that the holiday season doesn’t always bring joy with this common annoyance

Also, we discussed the facts of the 2010 Late Night Wars here and here

Finally, the first short story was published

Reality Show Host Quitting

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ABC got another shake-up today, as one of its long-running reality shows will lose a host.

Well, technically a co-host.

Samantha Harris is leaving Dancing with the Stars to focus more on her roles at The Insider & Entertainment Tonight Weekend.

Harris has co-hosted the competition show with Tom Bergeron for eight seasons. 

No replacement has been named yet.

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