Rob Lowe is Moving Out

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Rob Lowe will be leaving his current gig at Brothers & Sisters by the end of this season.  But Lowe fans shouldn’t feel any withdrawal effects, since ABC still plans on keeping him at their network.

According to the ABC President Steve McPherson, all parties are on friendly terms.  Lowe felt his character (who was brought in after the show had already aired some episodes) wasn’t being used much, & McPherson wants to find him a leading role on ABC.

It would appear to be win/win for both Lowe & ABCBrothers & Sisters has been a successful Sunday night program, and with Lowe character used less than a secondary player, the show shouldn’t suffer with his exit. 

However, Lowe is an actor that can draw an audience, as his arrival on the show (which wasn’t getting decent ratings at the time) helped it get to the viewership it’s now averaging; so ABC will probably benefit from placing him on a freshman drama (which have a high failure rate).  If I was on the programming team at ABC, I’d premiere the show after a new episode of Brothers & Sisters before moving it to its normal timeslot.

This will be the second time Lowe left a series to star in his own series.  Previously, he left the VERY successful West Wing to star in Dr. Vegas.  That show only aired five of its 10-episode order before low ratings got it pulled from the schedule.

He is not the only actor with nomadic tendencies.  Mandy Patinkin is quite well known from hopping acting gigs.  He lasted 60 episodes of Chicago Hope (about halfway through its lifespan) before exiting; only to do the same when he jumped ship from the incredibly popular Criminal Minds.

Good luck, Rob! 

Robot Chicken Renewed Again…and Again

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Great news for fans of Robot Chicken – The Cartoon Network has renewed the Adult Swim show for a fifth AND sixth season! 

The 40 episode order comes as little surprise to anyone, given that the stop-motion animated program is the highest rated show on Adult Swim

Each season will be 20 episodes; the length of each installment is 10 minutes.

Conan: Deal Finalized

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It’s been reported today that a deal between NBC & Conan has been reached.  As of today, the agreement is finalized for The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to air their final show this Friday, January 22nd.  Jay Leno would then resume his tenure hosting the show on March 1st.

The details are that Conan is leaving with a $45 million payout.  $33 million going to Conan, and $12 million will be distributed to his staff.  He will also be supplementing his staff’s severence out of his pocket (during the writer’s strike he was one of the talents who paid their people while off the air).  As previously reported on here, last week Leno signed a new deal with NBC that would give him The Tonight Show; yet negotiations with Conan were not finished due to Conan insisting that NBC take care of his crew.  A lot of people moved from New York to LA with Conan to work on the new show, and Conan was insisting that they be taken care of.

Conan: Super-Boss

However, not everyone gets to leave with him.  Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Conando, In the Year 3000, and the rest of his comedy bits are intellectual property of NBC.  There may be deals made for certain characters/bits, but those aren’t being considered currently.  So it looks like a certain bear that would visit Conan will now be doing his usual activity out of loneliness, not for laughs.

Bear will now have to work pro bono

Conan will be able to work for another network starting September.  It’s being reported that Conan & NBC cannot speak negatively about each other until that time.  Even if he talks about NBC after that point, they could still sue for defamation.

Max Weinberg & Andy Richter will be working out their contracts with NBC separately.

As for where he’ll be headed after this, there’s a lot of speculation.  Some reports name certain networks, while other reports claim those networks aren’t interested, so I’ll refrain from jumping on that name-game. 

Where would YOU like Conan to land?  Seeing as how he was going to be bumped out regardless, do you think he got a fair deal?

Let me know what you think.

In the meantime, let’s remember the last late night (mock) feud that was actually fun:

O'Brien v. Colbert & Stewart

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