NBC Extends Episodes for Shows

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NBC recently ordered additional episodes of five scripted programs:

Trauma was given four additional episodes, making 20 total for the season.

Law & Order added three, for 23 total.

Parks & Recreation added two, 24 total.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit added two, 24 total.

Community added three, for 25 total.

The rest of their programs are sticking with their current number order.  The Office (NBC‘s highest-rated scripted show) already had been asked for 25, 30 Rock & Mercy will still have 22 each, and Chuck will stay at 19 (which was initially asked for 13 episodes, then NBC ordered 6 more before its third season started).

It should be noted that these additional episodes are not being ordered due to huge ratings success, but more due to The Jay Leno Show‘s cancellation opening back up five hours that need to be filled.  Even with their midseason replacement shows (100 Questions, Parenthood, Persons Unknown, and the miniseries Day One) they’ll need as much content as they can to try and be competitive.

According to Nielsen’s public ratings, NBC is down in every major demo (year-to-date) this season:  2% in total viewers, 7% A18-49, 8% A18-34, 6% A25-54.

Wal-Mart Greeters are Dooshes

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Classic But I Digress… post

Originally released:  February 5th, 2006

Edited and re-released:  January 22nd, 2010


Let me ask you something:

If you have a job, you have to do that job, right? 

For example, if you are a custodian, you have to clean the building; not just decide that you will only wipe the windows.  And if you were a landscaper, you know that your job is more than digging.  You can’t just spend your day chucking firecrackers down gopher holes.

So why in the fart is it ok for Wal-Mart greeters to choose who they say hi to?  I cannot count how many times I’ve gone into Wal-Mart and the old greeter women just ignored me.  Hell, at one point, the old woman saw me come in, turned around, and walked away!  What is that about?! 

Listen, lady, so I’m not 40 years old.  I’m not pushing screaming kids in a shopping cart.  But you know what?  Say hello anyways.  I’m not the punk kid who blares his music past your house, or who keeps hitting his baseball into your yard; but if you don’t say hello, I’ll switch your Preparation H with Ben Gay.

Your job (believe it or not) is to -and here’s where the mind-blowing part comes in- GREET people who walk in.  It’s in your f*cking job title!  That’s right; when you see or hear a new person come in, you vocalize a type of greeting.  So unless you are Helen Keller, your job is the EASIEST JOB IN THE WORLD!

You can’t be so selective at a job.  If I was a teacher, I wouldn’t help the smarter kids and fling pencils at the slower ones.  If I was a marine biologist, I wouldn’t sucker-punch dolphins.  So guess what, you old bag, greet EVERYBODY!

For those of you out there who have had the same experience, I say let’s rise up!  If you walk in, and a greeter ignores you, walk right up and shake their hand.  Better yet, hug them.  As you hold them, cup the back of their head and whisper softly, “Shhhhh.  You don’t have to say a word.  I can feel what you are thinking, and you gotta know I feel the same.”  Or:  “I’ll meet you behind the produce.”  Maybe then they will decide that simply waving a hello isn’t pushing them out of their comfort zone.

But I digress…

Revisiting “But I Digress…” Posts

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To help bring these past subjects out to a new audience, I will be releasing classic But I Digress… posts. 

Most of the time, they won’t simply be copy & pasted on here.  I will probably edit them – as my writing has evolved, and those posts aren’t written to But I Digress…2.0‘s standards.

So enjoy!  And please let me know what you think!!

“Family” Gets New Paternal Figure

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This fall will see another changing of the guards for the host of Family Feud.

After four seasons hosting the show, John O’Hurley will be leaving to focus on his role in the musical Chicago‘s traveling company.

FremantleMedia North America, the producer of the game show, has chosen Steve Harvey to be the new host when the new season starts up this fall.

Steve Harvey will be the fourth former TV star in a row to host Family Feud:

Louie Anderson (Life with Louie & The Louie Show) hosted from 1999-2002.

Richard Karn (Home Improvement) hosted from 2002-2006

John O’Hurley (Seinfeld) hosted from 2006-2010

Some of Steve Harvey’s starring roles on TV are The Steve Harvey Show, Me and the Boys, and host of Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challange.  He currently also has a syndicated radio show.

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