UPDATED: Titanic Loses Crown as Highest Grossing Film

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UPDATE 2/1/10:  After this weekend (and only in theaters for 45 days so far), Avatar passes the $2 billion mark!

This marks the 7th weekend in a row that Avatar has maintained the top spot in the box office with $30 million in the US, $95 million internationally.

Avatar now stands at $2.039 billion dollars.  In the US, the box office gross is now $594.2 million.  Titanic‘s domestic total (from 12 years ago) was $600.8 million, but Avatar will shoot well beyond that within the next week.


Throw out the inflation factor since the time of Titanic.

Throw out the factor of higher ticket prices due to 3D & IMAX.

Avatar has become the highest grossing movie of all time in 39 DAYS!

As of Monday, Avatar has made $1.859 billion –  knocking over Titanic‘s $1.843 (which took the former 15 weeks to get there).

While it has already beaten the international sales, Avatar still has a little ways to go to beat Titanic‘s domestic gross ($555 million compared to Titanic‘s $601 million).  However, now it’s looking like it will be a matter of a few weeks (if that) to bypass that number.

Also, it is only a matter of time before Avatar crosses the $2 billion dollar mark, which will obviously make it the first movie to ever cross that line.  Even if adjusted to today’s ticket prices, Titanic would have made just over $2 million; so once Avatar settles comfortably over that mark, it will have genuine bragging rights.

Move over Leo, we have a new king of the world.  That king is James Cameron, who directed BOTH movies.  And he had a greater hand in creating and producing Avatar, so I’m sure he’s ecstatic with his new film.

Another Daytime Diva Moving to Cable

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And no, we’re not talking about Oprah – who announced over a month ago that she’s leaving network syndication for her own cable channel (O.W.N.).

Martha Stewart will be moving her daytime talk show to the Hallmark Channel, where she will debut her new episodes starting this September.

This is actually a win/win/win situation for local affiliates and Stewart.  For the local affiliates, they won’t have to pay the fees to air her show.  The Martha Stewart Show hasn’t exactly been a huge daytime success, so chances are – with Stewart’s name attached – most affiliates were probably not making a lot of money for their stations.

The Hallmark Channel wins with this as the cable channel can build a niche around the fresh daily programming The Martha Stewart Show will bring to a channel most known for made-for-TV movies.  Also, Stewart’s production company will be supplying 90 minutes of original content to run immediately following her daily talk show.  So that is two and a half hours of fresh programming each day (Monday-Friday).


And Martha Stewart wins because…well…she gets paid for two and a half hours of programming each day.  Due to her probably being valued more for building an audience for Hallmark over a low-rated syndicated talk show host, she will probably bank more money with this move.  Also, the syndicated market is so cutthroat, there was no guarantee she’d even HAVE a show for years to come; where Hallmark will probably grab on and not want to let her go for a long, long time.

Oscar Winner to Star in Criminal Minds Spin-off

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It looks like the Criminal Minds spin-off is now on the fast track.  After NCIS did a leap frog for the next procedural spin-off on CBS, Criminal Minds will be airing a backdoor pilot (for the spin-off) on an episode this spring.

So who will be the good-guys’ team leader?  None other than Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (he won for The Last King of Scotland).

Recently, Whitaker honed his TV acting chops on a season-long arc of The Shield (season 5).

Programming-wise, it will be interesting to see where this show ends up.  This past season, NCIS‘s spin-off – NCIS: LA – was scheduled right after NCIS.  This strategy has proven to be VERY successful for CBS

However, the Criminal Minds spin-off may prove more difficult to program effectively.  Criminal Minds currently runs Wednesday at 9pm (ET), with CBS‘s second comedy block as a lead-in, and CSI: NY as its lead-out.  If it were strictly about the ratings, I would be 90% sure they would can their 8-9pm comedy block on Wednesday, slide Criminal Minds into that spot, then use the established show to be a lead-in for their spin-off at 9pm (ET).  That way, you keep the original on its successful night, give its spin-off the original time period, yet keep them together for a solid night (like they are doing with the NCIS shows).

Their Wednesday night comedy block (New Adventures of Old Christine/Gary Unmarried) consistently suffer from low viewership (ESPECIALLY by CBS‘s standards) season after season, yet CBS has stuck with them in an effort to create another night of comedy (other than their massively successful Monday night 8-10p comedy block).  In this regard, I wouldn’t be surprised if they keep plugging away with this 8-9p comedy block for another season.

I’m also not ruling out the network keeping CSI: NY in its Wednesday spot at 10pm (ET).  Even though it is the lowest watched edition of the CSI series, it still performs well enough in the time period that CBS may not want to move it.

So with Cold Case & Numb3rs looking to be ending this season (read: cancelled by the network), that will leave a spot on Friday and one on Sunday open to position a show.

Will they put the Criminal Minds spin-off on a night away from the original show?  Will they move CSI: NY?  Will they ditch their non-performing Wednesday comedy block, and move Crinimal Minds up an hour with the spin-off airing at 9pm (ET)?

Like previously stated, I think CBS would get much better ratings throwing out the Wednesday comedy block, making it a Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds spin-off/CSI:NY night.  However, with CBS wanting that second night of sitcoms, I think they might be more likely to move CSI:NY and put the spin-off there.  If that was the case, I think it would be smarter (for the sake of the show) to move CSI:NY to Sunday instead of Friday.

CBS Renews Long-Running Program

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Yesterday, this site announced that CBS had renewed two reality programs.


Today, iamnoahjames.com is announcing that CBS has renewed one of their long-running sitcoms.

CBS has renewed How I Met Your Mother for the 2010-2011 season.  The comedy, which recently celebrated its 100th episode, has been very competitive in all the major demos.  Now in its 5th season, CBS has relied on the program to kick off their Monday dominance in network primetime.

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