Another Daytime Diva Moving to Cable

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And no, we’re not talking about Oprah – who announced over a month ago that she’s leaving network syndication for her own cable channel (O.W.N.).

Martha Stewart will be moving her daytime talk show to the Hallmark Channel, where she will debut her new episodes starting this September.

This is actually a win/win/win situation for local affiliates and Stewart.  For the local affiliates, they won’t have to pay the fees to air her show.  The Martha Stewart Show hasn’t exactly been a huge daytime success, so chances are – with Stewart’s name attached – most affiliates were probably not making a lot of money for their stations.

The Hallmark Channel wins with this as the cable channel can build a niche around the fresh daily programming The Martha Stewart Show will bring to a channel most known for made-for-TV movies.  Also, Stewart’s production company will be supplying 90 minutes of original content to run immediately following her daily talk show.  So that is two and a half hours of fresh programming each day (Monday-Friday).


And Martha Stewart wins because…well…she gets paid for two and a half hours of programming each day.  Due to her probably being valued more for building an audience for Hallmark over a low-rated syndicated talk show host, she will probably bank more money with this move.  Also, the syndicated market is so cutthroat, there was no guarantee she’d even HAVE a show for years to come; where Hallmark will probably grab on and not want to let her go for a long, long time.


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