Sequel to Recent Hit Fast-Tracked

01/27/2010 at 1:40 pm | Posted in Flik/Spec | 1 Comment
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Recent rumblings are now official as Warner Brothers announced they are fast-tracking a sequel to this December’s box office hit.

Coming Soon: Part Deux

Sherlock Holmes 2 will be moving forward quite quickly, as Guy Ritchie has pushed aside directing the movie Lobo – a comic book character that was created as a spoof on Wolverine & Punisher.

With Lobo still being reported to be moving forward, it looks like it will get a new director soon.

Rumors of the studio wanting to quickly reassemble the Sherlock Holmes team for another go-round started when Robert Downey, Jr. recently backed out of his buddy Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens film.  The speculation claimed he was clearing his schedule for the detective sequel.

Despite getting spanked by giant blue people (Avatar, not the Blue Man Group), worldwide grosses for Sherlock Holmes have reached about $390 million – and looking to settle north of $450 million – since its Christmas debut.


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