Leno’s Heart-to-Heart With Oprah

01/29/2010 at 6:38 pm | Posted in Net/Spec | 4 Comments
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The Late Night Wars are now over.  NBC kicked Conan O’Brien to the curb, Jay Leno will go back to hosting The Tonight Show on March 1st, and The Jay Leno Shows’ Monday-Friday 10pm (ET) will be filled with other programs. 

Jay Leno feels he has been unjustly blamed in the firing of Conan.  Leno is famous for wanting to be loved by all – so he is now doing what he feels he has to do for damage control on his public image.

Click here for a transcript of what was said by leno in the Oprah interview.

Did he do a good job explaining his side?  Did this help clean up his image?  Or did this make him look worse?



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  2. Well, this interview with Oprah does not make him look any better to me anyway! I still feel he’s “the bad guy” in a lot of this! Can’t help it….

  3. YES – I love Jersey Shore! It is so trashy, but I love it – keeps life interesting!

  4. […] finally, Leno went on Oprah to try and make himself appear the victim in the NBC Late Night musical […]

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