2nd Avatar Update!

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2nd UPDATE:  As of Wednesday – 47 days after being released – Avatar has beaten Titanic‘s domestic box office.  12 years ago, Titanic finalized its box office record at about $600.8 million dollars.  After Tuesday’s box office results were tallied, Avatar is over the $601 million mark. 

Did I forget to mention that it only took 47 DAYS (compared to Titanic‘s 105 days) to get there?

UPDATE 2/1/10:  After this weekend (and only in theaters for 45 days so far), Avatar has passes the $2 billion mark!

This marks the 7th weekend in a row that Avatar has maintained the top spot in the box office with $30 million in the US, $95 million internationally.

Avatar now stands at $2.039 billion dollars.  In the US, the box office gross is now $594.2 million.  Titanic‘s domestic total (from 12 years ago) was $600.8 million, but Avatar will shoot well beyond that within the next week.


Throw out the inflation factor since the time of Titanic.

Throw out the factor of higher ticket prices due to 3D & IMAX.

Avatar has become the highest grossing movie of all time in 39 DAYS!

As of Monday, Avatar has made $1.859 billion –  knocking over Titanic‘s $1.843 (which took the former 15 weeks to get there).

While it has already beaten the international sales, Avatar still has a little ways to go to beat Titanic‘s domestic gross ($555 million compared to Titanic‘s $601 million).  However, now it’s looking like it will be a matter of a few weeks (if that) to bypass that number.

Also, it is only a matter of time before Avatar crosses the $2 billion dollar mark, which will obviously make it the first movie to ever cross that line.  Even if adjusted to today’s ticket prices, Titanic would have made just over $2 million; so once Avatar settles comfortably over that mark, it will have genuine bragging rights.

Move over Leo, we have a new king of the world.  That king is James Cameron, who directed BOTH movies.  And he had a greater hand in creating and producing Avatar, so I’m sure he’s ecstatic with his new film.


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