Cruise Does the Impossible…Again

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Fans of the Mission: Impossible series must be happy.

Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures will once again reunite to bring Mission: Impossible 4 to the big screen next year.

J.J. Abrams, who directed Mission: Impossible III (his film directing debut), will produce the film with Cruise.  No word on who will direct the 4th installment of the series.

The goal is to get jumping on this, with a release weekend of Memorial Day 2011. 

Cruise will once again star as Ethan Hunt.  No word on if Ving Rhames will reprise his role in the series.

While III didn’t make as much as the others, the franchise has made $1.8 billion worldwide.

This year’s Tom Cruise movie is Knight and Day, co-starring Cameron Diaz.  Diaz last worked with Tom Cruise in Vanilla SkyKnight will be released July 2nd, 2010.



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  1. Dear lord…are we going to be inflicted with Cruise and MI until Ethan Hunt is tottering around on an artificial hip and popping nitro pills for exertional angina after chasing down the bad guys? Let it go, Tom. You’re not Bond and you never will be.

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