Is Numb3rs’ Number Up?

02/12/2010 at 2:35 pm | Posted in Net/Spec | 1 Comment
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Is this a sign that Numb3rs will end this year?

David Krumholtz has signed on to star in FOX‘s Untitled Ron Howard IRS comedy.  Ron Howard will be the executive producer; and the head writer (at least of the pilot) is Brent Forrester, a writer-director from The Office.

While this doesn’t mean Numb3rs is cancelled for sure, signs still point to the assumption that the show will be wrapping up.  Awhile back, CBS decreased the episode order for this season from 22 to 16.  Also, they are losing their spot for the new Miami Medical, a Jerry Bruckheimer drama, for a few weeks midseason.

However, if Numb3rs does in fact get renewed for next season, Krumholtz will drop out of the IRS program.


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