One Step “Forward”, Three Steps Back?

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Some mixed news for fans of FlashForward:

After the (second) showrunner left this past week, ABC has named their new showrunners – and yes, as in showrunners pluralABC confirmed that Jessika Borsiczky, Lisa Zwerling and Tim Lea have each been given a co-showrunner position.

This comes as small consolation to viewers of the show.  They’ve seen the show premiere HUGE last fall, only to be barely limping now with half of their initial audience.  What was once the show to keep Lost fans content after their show concludes this May is now sitting uncomfortably on the renewal bubble – with signs opinting to cancellation.

Also, the first showrunner (Marc Guggenheim) exited in October, not even a month after the show first premiered.  Executive Producer David Goyer assumed leadership until (as previously stated) he announced he was leaving this past week; however, he’ll keep his title of Exec. Producer.  While there have been talks of behind-the-scenes drama, he has claimed to be leaving to focus on feature film work.  To be fair, he’s responsible for co-writing Batman Begins & The Dark Knight; also he’s busy at work on the third Batman and the sequel to Ghost Rider, to name a few.

More bad news:  When the show was a hit, ABC ordered 24 episodes for seasons 1 (two more than most shows get a season).  However, with the dying ratings, they’ve dropped that order to 23 – only to recently drop it one more back to 22.

So will it survive to see a 2nd season?  Will you be sad to see it go?


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