“24” Production Shut Down Temporarily

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The LA Times reports that 24 has held off production for a week so that star – and executive producer – Kiefer Sutherland can have much needed surgery.

Sutherland suffered a ruptured cyst near his kidney early last week.  This is what his publicist (Evelyn Karamanos) said to The LA Times:

“While Kiefer Sutherland is frustrated to miss even one day of work, he and FOX decided together that it would be best to complete this minor elective procedure now as a precaution as opposed to six weeks from now when production wraps. He looks forward to returning to work next week.”

It looks like they’ll resume production in a week.  However, despite the small setback, the show’s broadcast won’t be disrupted due to how far ahead production is from the current episodes airing.

Kiefer has proven, year after year, to do whatever he can for the greater good of the hit TV show.  He has endured long hours both acting and serving his producer duties, as well as some injuries due to stunt work.

Yet, all of that pales in comparison to 2007, when he voluntarily went to jail for the full term appointed by the courts (about 48 days total) for a DUI he received earlier that year.  Instead of spreading out the term, he wanted to make sure his personal/legal problems were not going to hurt the cast and crew of 24

20th Century FOX (the production studio of 24) issued this statment about Kiefer’s upcoming jail time: 

Kiefer made clear to us at the time of his arrest that his first concern was the welfare of those he worked with and that he intended to do whatever was necessary to prevent shutting down the show because of his situation.

“He told us that even if he had to sacrifice more time in custody in order to protect the show and the jobs of those who work with him, he would do so. From what occurred today, it is evident he is a man of his word. We wish him well and look forward to a long relationship with him.”

Sure enough, he completed out the term as promised, and production of the show wasn’t hurt.

While we hope that 24 can resume as scheduled after Kiefer’s surgery, what’s more important is that the surgery is successful.  Hopefully, Sutherland can have a complete recovery.


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  1. He’s an ass, but an honorable ass.

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