TNA to make a Monday Impact

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Starting March 8th, Spike TV‘s TNA will be permanently moving their weekly wrestling program – TNA Impact – to Mondays at 9-11pm.

This move will directly compete with WWE Raw on the USA Network.

Last month (January 2nd), Spike & TNA aired a 3-hour live Impact against Raw (always live) – which debuted Hulk Hogan’s new role as a major player on TNA.  While WWE still came out with the higher ratings (5.3 million viewers vs. TNA‘s 2.2 million viewers), the ratings that TNA got were considered a great success for the wrestling organization (not to mention a strong showing for Spike‘s Monday average).

What also doesn’t hurt things is the fact that TNA has brought on some major players from when WCW rose to continually beat WWE in the ratings during the 1996-1998 timespan – Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff (the managerial mastermind of WCW‘s 1996), Ric Flair, Sean Waltman (aka X-Pac, 1-2-3 Kid, Syxx, Syxx-Pac), Scott Hall, etc.  Also, they managed to grab recent WWE headliner Jeff Hardy.

Once Impact moves to Monday, they will have a live program every other week (recorded editions on the off weeks).  TNA wants to air here to try to start up the Monday night wrestling wars again, from when WCW aired Nitro on Mondays head-to-head with WWE‘s Raw.

This will be interesting, since back in ’96-’97 – when Eric Bischoff was in charge – WCW aired live shows on Mondays, when Raw wasn’t live.  To steal WWE‘s thunder, WCW announcers would announce the results of WWE shows during their broadcast in efforts to kill off any interest in people switching from watching Nitro to Raw

Not only did that help WCW boost their ratings, but it forced WWE to make Raw a live event – which it still is (WWE‘s Smackdown, however, is filmed on Tuesdays and broadcast Fridays).  However, now that 1/2 of the time TNA will be pre-recorded, we’ll see if WWE does something similar.

While WWE will no doubt continue to be the dominate wrestling organization for a long time, it will still be interesting to see how TNA does in the long run.


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