Leno Loses Sidekick/Bandleader

02/16/2010 at 7:41 pm | Posted in Net/Spec | 2 Comments
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Kevin Eubanks has decided to make a change.

After 18 years of being the butt of Jay’s jokes Jay’s bandleader and sidekick, he has decided to leave to pursue other music interests.

On his Twitter page, he has changed his status to “former bandleader of The Tonight Show“.

What’s weird is that NBC issued a statement saying that while Eubanks is indeed pursuing other opportunities, he WILL be back for the first Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2.0 on March 1st.  Do they think Eubanks will have enough time to try other things in 13 days?!

What MIGHT happen is he does in fact appear on March 1st, only to have an official sendoff.

So who will be replacing him?  If sources are correct, it will be Hootie Darius Rucker.

Then again, for all we know, Jay wanted that job – so NBC paid him off to leave too.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself (I blame that on Nikki Finke’s hilarious/snarky influence) …



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