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Classic But I Digress… post

Originally released:  November 1st, 2006

Edited and re-released:  February 23rd, 2010


Ok, so I saw another idiotic bumper sticker. 

It read:

Share The Road & Trail With Bicycles

Ummm…what?!  Why would I share a trail with a bicycle?  I mean, why in the hell would I be frickin’ driving on a trail??

Ok, devil’s advocate time.  If I were, for some unknown reason, driving on a trail, a bicycle would be WAAAAY down on my list.  If that were happening, I’d be thinking:

1.  How in the eff did I get on a trail?

B.  How do I get home?

Threve.  How am I not hitting every tree on either side of this bike trail?

Fo’.  How am I going to get home?

V.  Did I just hit a moose?!

6.  Since when does Indiana have moose?

Lucky # Sleven.  Does my insurance cover moose dents?

Ate.  Am I even in Indiana anymore?

Niner.  How do I get back home from here?

Tan.  What gender is Lady Gaga?

So you see… worrying about a bicycle isn’t even in the first ten things I would think about if I were to drive on a trail.  Therefore, that bumper sticker is just asinine.

But I digress…


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