Chuck Renewed?

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UPDATED 5/11/10 – Click here for the latest news!

The more questions I get, I will start to add them to my new section: Noah James Q&A.  Hopefully this gets discussions going. 

If you have any questions, email them to me at

Here’s question #1:

Hello i am sorry to bother you. I have been a huge fan of your site and reviews for a while and recently saw your comment on [] where you said Chuck will be renewed. I am sorry to ask but i was just wondering if this is confirmed or just a feeling by yourself?

-Anthony J

Hey Anthony-
Never apologize for “bothering me”!  I always love getting feedback for my website, and I’m glad you like it.
Unfortunately, I don’t know for a FACT that Chuck is renewed, but yet going on a few factors that point to it at least getting another 13 episode order.  I, for one, will throw out the 2.2 rating it got its last episode as a glitch.  When you look at the average ratings, it was pulling in about a 2.5.  Meanwhile, you have Heroes struggling to get a 2 – which still floors me that Heroes has scared away 70% of their 1st season audience. 
This past month, CHUCK has been the anchor of Monday nights, with Heroes hurting at 9, and Leno barely doing anything.  And look at post-Olympics. Starting March 8th, Leno will be replaced by the dinosaur Law & Order (the original).  Law & Order basically gets legacy renewed, so Chuck will STILL be the real bread-winner for Mondays.
Also, since Leno is leaving the 10p spot, that’s 5 hours to fill, which puts NBC in quite a bind for the new season.  I HIGHLY doubt NBC will cancel Chuck due to that.  Does NBC cancel Chuck (which has BECOME a solid performer), and go with risky and expensive to develop new shows – or do they stick with Chuck, since they have a general idea of how that show delivers for them?  I believe they will do the latter. 
So while it’s not official, I would tend to believe that Chuck is a lock for another season.

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