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Well, American Idol started their live performance shows to whittle down the Top 24 to 12 (or maybe 13, like last year).  With that, I present my quick critiques of the shows on Idol/Spec.  So let’s do this:


Paige Miles – Free “All Right Now”


I thought it was boring karaoke.  I don’t get why the judges loved it so much.  And for a night where the judges kept begging the singers to be original, this was anything BUT original.  It was very bland, safe, mild, and didn’t showcase any strong star power.

Ashley Rodriguez – Leona Lewis “Happy”

 Super gorgeous, decent voice, but her song choices will be the death of her.  You’d think by Season 9, contestants would figure that out.  It was just came across very weak, and like Randy said, trying to go note-for-note will do nothing but unfavorably compare Ashley to the professional singer (which Lil Rounds suffered from last season).

Also, she was about to burst into tears during the FIRST judge’s negative (yet, sugar-coated) comments.  Sweet Ashley, if you are that easily hurt by nicely put criticism, you aren’t going to last long.

 Janell Wheeler – Heart “What About Love”


Also stunning.  But Heart?  And she DIDN’T expect to get ripped apart for choosing a song bigger than 98% of the AmerIdol contestants?!  It wasn’t horrible, but musically it was like a little kid trying on grownup clothes.  I KNOW she’s good.  It’s hard to debate that fact; however, doing a huge song where you don’t switch it up at all will burn you.

 Lilly Scott – Beatles “Fixing a Hole”


I really don’t care for her, personality wise – I find her annoying, actually.  I don’t really feel her background story is sad or tragic, how she positioned it.  That said, I HAVE to admit she was the first really good one of the night.  I don’t want to, but the truth is it was very strong.  It showcased her as an artist.

Katelyn Epperly – Beatles “Oh Darling”


Same as Lilly.  The sob story of divorced parents – while sad – doesn’t exactly set her apart from half of the US population of kids.  While I hated last night outfit, mannerisms (a la season 8’s Megan Joy), and gaudy lipstick – her singing was incredible last night.  It was very strong, very controlled, and worked very well.

 Haeley Vaughn – Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”


When she sang the high notes, the dogs in my neighborhood starting howling.

Lacey Brown – Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”

What was with the hair and makeup?  Is she trying out for the Thundercats movie?!  It made her look in her 40s/50s.  And the song choice was just weak.  What DID surprise me was that I was expecting to have to get to the top 12 before we heard the excuse of “It’s one of my favorite songs” for why she chose to sing it.  Here’s a note to future contestants:  Pick a song/style that fits your voice and your performance, not your favorite.  Guess what, I love R&B, but my voice is more for rock.  If I would magically make it to the top 24, you wouldn’t hear me up there singing Brian McKnight (or if I did, it would be changed to fit the style that would most suit me)!

Michelle Delamor – Alicia Keys “Fallin”

Another beautiful contestant, but one thing is different than the first two lookers on Tuesday night: It was GOOD.  I actually enjoyed it, and it showcased her voice well.  Judges still blasted her for being unoriginal, but at least it worked for her.

Didi Benami – Ingrid Michaelson “The Way I Am”


This was my favorite of the night.  Her control of her voice was amazing, her tone was great, the style was sexy, and I thought that performance could be a popular single.  Therefore, color me stumped when the judges ripped her a new one.

Siobhan Magnus – Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”


HATED it.  It was like a lounge act at a venue with sticky floors.  That song also lives in the realm of corny songs – along with Total Eclipse of the Heart – where I’m sure they USED to be taken seriously, but have since become lame.  It was boring, smarmy, and the tone was unpleasant.  Once again, she chose it because she loved that song.  So what?  However, unlike Lacey, the judges mostly liked it.  Hmmm… Are the judges hearing the performances the same as the TV viewers?

Side note:  Her name is Siobhan Magnus?!  Are her parents Spartans?!

Crystal Bowersox – Alanis Morissette “One Hand in my Pocket”

You know, I never really cared for her personally.  I found her hygiene severely lacking, showcasing brown teeth all the way through Hollywood Week (feel free to rip me apart for saying that, but it doesn’t make it untrue).  However, you can tell they whitened her teeth, and she cleaned up a bit, so that will help keep her moving in the competition.  However, her song (while it fit her persona) was SO BORING.  I felt like I was at a coffee house talking to a friend, with some Bohemian singer playing in the background.

Also, is she going to play guitar and do the harmonica for every song?  That’ll get old real quick – Not just to me, but the TV audience as well.  Look at the previous years for proof of that.

Katie Stevens – Michael Buble’s version of “Feeling Good”


Bad song to end with.  It was weak, did NOT fit her voice one bit.  Also, she needs to dress her age.  She was wearing a late-twenties outfit with a tween headband.  And in the past few weeks, you heard great voice.  Tuesday’s performance was just bad and ill-fitting.  Once again, you need to choose a song that WORKS for you, not always one you “love”.

Well, that’s my quick review of the Top 12 women’s performance on American Idol.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to review tonight’s show with the guys.  For that, you’ll have to go to Reality Rocks for the next best reviewer.  However, I will be back with American Idol for the results show!  Also, once we get to the Top 12/13, I’ll add in my thoughts on who will get in the bottom three for that week.

What did YOU think of last night’s show?



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