Idol/Spec: Top 24 Results Show 2/25/2010

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Ok, American Idol fans, last night was the results show for Season 9’s Top 24.  So who went home?

Maybe it was because they were eliminating four contestants, they had two performances, and they only had an hour to do it – but the show really didn’t have too much filler.  So let’s move on to the first elimination for the ladies.

Well, the first row narrowed down to either Janell Wheeler or Katie Stevens going home.  I predicted that between the two, Janell would go home.  One reason was that Katie got the “pimp spot” of the night – which refers to the final performance of the night, thus giving the ADD viewers the fresh memory of her singing, thereby giving that person the likelihood of being put through to the next week (this spot is usually given to a contestant that the producers like).  Also, Katie has the teen girl thing going, which will get her that demo’s vote.  On the other side, like I said on my recap of the performance show, Janell did herself NO favors by doing Heart.  That was the kiss of death for her, even though I wouldn’t have thought it was going to be this soon that she was voted off.

Sure enough, Janell got the boot.  Gee, who DIDN’T see that coming.  So Janell got to sing her song one more time as she said goodbye.  It’s really too bad she had to go.  I thought she had a great voice, great personality, and looks-wise was much more marketable than Katie (and I actually thought Janell performed BETTER than Katie Tuesday night).  Janell strictly got the boot because she sang a song from a band that the judges (years ago) decided was too big for most contestants to pull off.

Now we break from the eliminations to have a former AmerIdol contestant sing a song.  It was none other than Allison Iraheta, who came in 4th place last season.  She performed a song from her already released album (some people may think it’s stupid for me to mention that the CD has been released; however, with how badly the CD sold would have to disagree) titled “Scars”.

Let me set something straight.  I loved Allison last year.  I knew she wasn’t going to win it, America was correct in choosing her for 4th place, but I really liked her.  I thought she had an awesome voice, the judges approved of her being able to pull off Heart songs, and she had a lot of promise.

Fast-forward to last night’s show:  Her performance was HORRIBLE!  Her stage presence was bad.  The little finger choreography (which consisted of three fingers either pointing outwards while trembling, or pointing at herself while trembling) was awkward at best.  Her vocals (which have always been raspy) sounded like she had completely lost her voice.  Her outfit was just stupid (really don’t know how else to describe that).  The lyrics were just lame (the song sounded like she was talking to a complaining boyfriend, yet at one point she was making an excuse that she wanted him to be a father figure??  Who wrote this “bittersweet romance” song?  Celine Dion?!).  My soon-to-be wife owns and loves the CD, and we BOTH were so disappointed.  Allison, this was your chance to actually get people to buy your album.  You were there to prove something, and you failed.  I would imagine her record label isn’t thrilled with last night.  *sigh*

Moving on to the next female elimination.  This time, it was between Ashley Rodriguez & Didi Benami.  Once again, I pegged Ashley as the one to go between the two.  Like Janell, she had an amazing voice and was physically very marketable.  However, as predicted on my Tuesday recap, the song choice was the death of her.  I wouldn’t say the song was too big for her, but Leona is Simon’s girl – that was almost suicide, since no one will measure up to his prized find.  While the judges didn’t care for Didi’s performance, I personally thought it was the best of Tuesday night by far.

I was right that Ashley was going home.  I really liked her, and she seemed really nice, but sooner or later her song selection would cause her downfall.  So she got to sing her last song one more time. 

At this time, I’d like to have a sidebar.  This doesn’t really become a factor until the top 10-12, but I don’t like how the person leaving has to sing the song they got voted off for.  If America didn’t like the song the performance night, why rub salt in the wounds by hearing it again?  If I ruled the show, once you got to the top 10 (and had a few songs under your belt), I’d think you would be able to pick the song you wanted to sing when you were eliminated.  Anywho…

Next up were the guys.  The first two were replacement player Tim Urban & Joe Munoz.  Having not been able to watch the performance show, I came into this segment undereducated.  I thought that the replacement guy would be leaving, and Munoz would get the Latino demo for sure.

Well, I was wrong.  Joe Munoz got sent home.  No one was more surprised than Tim.  Hmmm..Ashley Rodriguez AND Munoz were in the bottom?  Were no hombres watching on Tuesday & Wednesday night?!  Either way, Joe got to sing his version of Jason Mraz’s “You & I Both” one more time.  I LOVE that song (and Mraz, for that matter), but I now know why he got the boot.  Listen, the judges say to make a song your own, which he did; however, you should still keep the spirit of the song intact, which he didn’t.  He turned a peppy, quirky, fun-yet-bittersweet tune into a lifeless sounding song.

We then took a break from dream-killing for a performance (and important message about Haiti) from Season 8 Idol Kris Allen.  He performed The Beatles’ “Let It Be”.  Did you pay attention, Allison?  THAT’S how you prove yourself to the public.  It was excellently performed, and it just sounded great.  I love how he can take a simple, low-key song (as it was intended) and just make it absolutely beautiful and impressive.  The Beatles did that decades ago with that song, and Allen did it last night.  Bravo.

We get to the final elimination.  Was it Tyler Grady or Alex Mullet…OOPS!  I mean Alex Lambert (no relation to last year’s runner up).  I thought for sure Tyler was going to go through.  While I personally don’t see him as “attractive” (though Kara certainly did), I had kept hearing how he was going to get the ladies’ votes.  Also, Alex never seemed very strong to me – and did you see the MULLET?!?!  In Hollywood week, his hair looked interesting, but not horrible; but he definitely let the back grow out since then.  I hope the stylists tackle him if he gets that far.

Once again, I was 100% wrong.  Like Tim, Alex looked like he was going to faint when he heard he would be there next week.  So now that Tyler was kicked off, he couldn’t possibly look WORSE, could he?  Yes he could, and he did so by coming across as a doosh by blaming the judges for him getting kicked off:  “I felt I didn’t get helpful criticism from the judges early on.  So when I did, it was too late.”  Not the way you should want to be remembered, Tyler.  But maybe there’s a The Doors cover band you could join.

So he got to sing “American Woman” one more time as the show ended.

Thoughts?  Did the right people get sent home?  Were you shocked at all?


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