Idol/Spec: Top 10 Ladies Performance Show – 3/3/2010

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This edition of American Idol was very frustrating, mainly because of Randy.  I would like to take this time to officially congratulate Kara – because last night marked the first time when she was MORE relevant to American Idol than Randy.  I firmly believe he’s lost his mind.  So either he’s trying to take the role of nonsense comments from the void of Paula, or he’s trying to assume the role of crappy commenter for when Simon’s gone; either way, he’s lost major credibility.

Here’s the recap:

Crystal Bowersox – Creedence Clearwater Revival “As Long as I Can See the Light”

Absolutely amazing.  Like last night, the first performer really set a high bar for the rest of the show.  I enjoyed this SO much more than last week, where I was bored with her song choice.  She also got rid of the harmonica, so I was thankful we got to focus more on her unique voice.  Of course the judges loved it – it’s painfully obvious they are wanting her to be in the competition for a long, long time.

Haeley Vaughn – Miley Cyrus “The Climb”

I just am so annoyed with her.  She seems nice, and I’m sure it has to do with her being a teen, but I don’t know how she got this far.  She’s incredibly out of her league, and this song (while her attempt to be more youthful) was a mess.  The judges hated it.  Randy said it was “pitchy” (big friggin surprise, since that’s his favorite word), Kara said she needed another year to become a stronger singer (and she couldn’t have told her this at any point before she got in the Top 24?), and Simon said it was a mess.  Ellen was nice to her, but still didn’t care for the song.

Lacey Brown – Sixpence None the Richer “Kiss Me”

OOPS!!  I mean:

This was a LOT better than last week, but I just didn’t care for it much.  I will admit, I don’t care for this song, but it was very karaoke.  She needs bigger songs, but I don’t think she’ll go that way. 

Katie Stevens – Corinne Bailey Rae “Put Your Records On”

Last week, she sang Michael Buble (one of his songs, AND trying to sound like him), this week she took their advice to be a little more youthful in her song choices.  Last week I hated the performance, but this week I thought she did an amazing job.   Randy of course wasn’t thrilled, Ellen didn’t want a song that she’d hear in her dentist’s office (so you want her to sing hardcore gangsta rap?), Kara was frustrated without really giving a good reason why, and Simon wasn’t impressed.  Not really expecting these comments for one of their early favorites.

Didi Benami – Bill Withers “Lean On Me”

Words cannot express how angry I was by the time they went to commercial after her segment.  I wasn’t mad at her though.  The judges were ridiculous.  Look, every year it is painfully obvious which contestants are heavily favored by the judges and producers to the point where it’s almost embarrassing.  And because of said favoritism, some amazing talent gets looked over.  Last year, the judges didn’t wise up to Kris Allen & Matt Giraud until well into the final lap. 

This year, Didi is getting looked over due to the Powers That Be focusing on Lilly & Crystal.  While I loved her performance last week better (which got ripped to shreds by the judges), this week I also thought was vocally amazing.  I think she has the best female voice of the season.  However, the judges hated it.  HATED it.  Didi couldn’t even speak afterwards, since it looked like she was about ready to burst into tears – more due to frustration than anything, I would imagine.  She obviously threw her soul out there, and the judges pounced on it.  I really don’t understand why they don’t want her to go through.  It’s also confusing since last year they were trying to shove Megan Joy down the viewers’ throats, yet Didi is vocally doing what the judges were praising Megan for (the only difference between the two is Didi is doing that voice style wonderfully).  SO frustrating.  she deserves to be in the Top 12, so I’m stumped why the judges/producers don’t want her there.  There has to be more to that story.

Michelle Delamor – Creed “With Arms Wide Open”

I hate everything about Creed, from their generic rock to their self-righteous attitude (at least the lead singer Scott’s attitude).  That said, I thought she did a great reimagining of the song.  I really like her, and she came across great.  The judges were somewhat positive about it.  Randy let up a little from his doosh status he’d had since after Crystal performed.

Lilly Scott – Sam Cooke “A Change is Gonna Come”

I’m not the biggest fan of hers, but last week’s performance was amazing to me.  And while the judges absolutely loved her last night, my feeling on her went back to before last week when I just didn’t get her music.  I think her performance seemed too Courtney Love for me.  It wasn’t bad, just not for me.

Katelyn Epperly – Coldplay “The Scientist”

Like Lilly, I didn’t get her massive praise in the past from the judges; and also like Lilly, last week she blew me away.  This week (while I agree with Simon she was a little corny with her looks to the camera), I thought vocally she was still incredible.  Like Didi, Katelyn has amazing control over her voice and where the notes need to go.  The judges all loved it, except Ellen thought it was WAY too slow – which I agree with.  it would have been even better had she sped it up just a bit.

Paige Miles – Kelly Clarkson “Walk Away”

Once again this week, it was karaoke for her song.  However, this week the judges called her out on it.  It’s about time, since she just has not been original.  The judges weren’t very harsh, but they just didn’t “love” it.  I wasn’t impressed.

Siobhan Magnus – Aretha Franklin “Think”

I have just tired of Aretha through the years.  It really isn’t Idol’s fault, just in general I think she’s been overkill (her music, at least).  Shyamalan..I mean, Siobhan was pretty shrill with the loud, high notes.  However, the judges must have been listening to something else, because they were impressed with those higher notes.  I also thought that it was karaoke, but the judges didn’t surprise me with them contradicting themselves by NOT mentioning it.

Overall, very frustrating show.  I fully expect the judges to go against their own comments from week to week, but at least they have the decency to not do it in one night.  Randy is officially worthless to the show, since his comments cancel each other out all the time.  With him having no credibility, who are we supposed to listen to next season?

What did you think of the show?



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  1. I agree that they slaughtered Didi for no reason whatsoever! I thought she brought a lot of originality to an overly played song.

    I can’t believe out of all the people in Hollywood these were the top 24! Bleh…….

    Haeley, Michelle and Paige just need to go!

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