Idol/Spec: Top 8 Ladies Performance Show – 3/9/2010

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American Idol was only an hour long for Tuesday’s show, and it felt it.  There were a few songs that seemed rushed, with the singer failing to keep up.  It seemed like some of the girls forgot this was a competition where you could get sent home with their underwhelming performances.

 So without further ado, here’s the recap:

Katie Stevens – Kelly Clarkson “Breakaway”

She seemed so unprepared for this, it was almost puzzling.  She seemed to just be doing a karaoke performance that literally felt rushed.  There was no emotion, nothing really special about what she did.  For someone the judges were praising all the way, she didn’t deliver.  It almost felt like she forgot they were singing that week, and threw it together in a day.  The judges didn’t like it, seemed shocked that she was less than mediocre, and felt like she didn’t feel the song or show emotion.  When talking to Ryan right after, she said she DID feel the emotion of the song and explained why – that’s all fine and good, but you have to SHOW the emotion when you perform.  You didn’t.  Therefore the judges’ comments were more than valid.

Siobhan Magnus  – Animals “House of the Rising Sun”

I really won’t say much of my feelings on this performance.  For one, I HATE this song.  And two, just like “Wicked Games” she sang a few weeks ago, I realize I just don’t like her song choices.  She’s weird, and not for me.  She did the song fine.  I’m not blown away by her voice, never was.  It’s good, strong, but I don’t like the tone.   However, the judges all LOVED it – except for Simon, who thought everything about her tonight was “all a bit weird”.  God bless you, Simon.

Lacey Brown – Brandi Carlile “The Story”

OOPS!  Not again!!  I mean:

Ok, that was a joke, but you HAVE to admit that she looks like the love child of a Thundercat and Chloe from Smallville

If you’ve read my past posts, you would know that while I think her voice is cutesy, it probably won’t win her this competition.  Last weeks Sixpence song was perfect for her voice, but in a competition, might not be strong enough for her to go very much farther.  Also, once again she sat in one spot the whole time (she sat on a stool for the whole boring song two weeks ago).  So before she opened her mouth she had two things going against her.  Then she performed her song…and she was incredible.  Not loving the song, but the way she delivered it sounded like it had been written just for her to show her strengths.  All the judges loved it, and Simon said it sounded like he was listening to the radio – which is about the best comment you can get on this show.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think that song alone got her into the final Top 12…

Katelyn Epperly – Carole King “I Feel the Earth Move”

This was another one I felt was pushed faster to keep the show at 60 minutes.  Despite the speed, it seemed so lazy and boring.  The judges thought her hair was done to look like Carole King (which I think was a coincidence, since that comment greatly confused Katelyn – which in turn made me think she has no idea what King looks like).  However, it almost looked like she was going for Nikki Sixx.  Her facial expressions seemed very corny, even though she claimed she was trying to be LESS corny.  Fail!  The judges all thought it was weak, with Kara saying it felt like she wasn’t even competing.  Is it just me, or is Kara permanently being more relevant than Randy?

Didi Benami – Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon”

Man, was I nervous for my favorite girl!  Not only was she singing a song by a band that I find played out, but the judges have been BRUTAL these past few weeks.  However, once again, she was amazing.  I loved that song/performance, her guitar playing was great, and she just owned that stage.  Then came the scary time for the segment of “When Judges Attack” – and surprisingly, they all LOVED it.  Kara said this was one of her favorite moments of the season so far, and Simon thought it was the best of the night by a long stretch.  If I could give Didi one piece of advice, it would be this:  Don’t get rid of your guitar.  Since you’ve been amazing every week, and they would verbally bash you, that HAS to be the missing link.

Paige Miles – Charlie Chaplin “Smile”

Love this song.  Well, let me rephrase:  I love Michael Jackson’s version.  However, when she did it, her voice trembled and shook, there was little to no emotion on her face except for fear.  it was almost like she didn’t realize that she was singing to 20+ million viewers until RIGHT before singing last night, and she froze up.  Randy said it didn’t work for him, Ellen thought she sucked the life out of the song, Kara didn’t like it either, and Simon said it was maybe background music at a bar in 1974.  when asked about it from Ryan, she babbled on for a long time.  She said something about how she was so emotional when practicing it, that she kept breaking down; and she was trying to hold it together on stage.  I think she was emotional because Michael Jackson died, but I’m not sure.  Every week, her comments don’t make a lot of sense, and seem like a lot of incomplete thoughts smashed together that don’t work.  Um, Paige?  You realize that this wasn’t the Michael Jackson week of the competition.  You could sing any song you wanted to.  If you couldn’t keep your sh*t together with this song, why in the world would you sing it?  Seeing as how you weren’t close to the Jackson family, your getting teary about someone you didn’t even personally know isn’t exactly a sob story that will give you votes.

Crystal Bowersox – Tracy Chapman “Give Me One Reason”

Ok, so Crystal will be this year’s Adam Lambert – in the sense that no matter what she does, the judges will love it, thereby me getting sick of her because she’s being shoved down the viewers’ throats.  She is great, I’ll give her that, but come on!  She should have been called out this week for choosing a safe, predictable song that wasn’t a fun performance.  I guess if you know for sure you’ll make it to the final Top 12, you can’t play it safe.  All the judges praised her, saying this was the best performance of the night.

Lilly Scott – Patsy Cline “I Fall to Pieces”

Ever since last week when she pulled a Courtney Love performance, I can’t get that out of my head.  I didn’t care for it at all, the song is lame and dated (even though Kara thought she made it sound current), and her strumming a different instrument every week doesn’t fool musicians like me.  I’m not saying I’m amazing at guitar (I’m really not), but if you play guitar, you know that strumming is strumming.  Her voice was fine, but I’m not a fan of the babygirl voice, so she’s not my cup o’ tea.  Also, I don’t think her voice is big enough for this song.  Heck, Siobhan would be a better fit to pull this song off.  While most of the judges loved it, Simon didn’t think it had the wow moment that was needed.

I HATE guessing who goes home before we get to the final Top 12 (voting trends become clear once you get to that point), but I’ll make some predictions:

Who’s totally safe:  Crystal Bowersox, Lilly Scott, & Siobhan

The rest are in danger for one reason or another.  Based on last night, I think Didi & Lacey should be safe –  with Katelyn, Katie, & Paige being at risk.  However, I think Katie will be fine due to the teen demo probably keeping her there (teens routinely get pushed farther than they should).  So Katelyn & Paige might be the ones to be voted off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Lacey gets the ax.

What did you think? 

Also, I will not be able to provide a recap for the men’s show tonight.  If anyone out there wants their recap published as a guest writer, email me at  . 



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  1. Great recap! I followed you over from the link you posted at my blog, Couchtime. It looks like we agree on a lot of the performances.

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