Parks & Recreation Gains 2, Loses 1

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With the news that Rob Lowe was joining the cast of Parks & Recreation as a regular – as is Adam Scott – the show will also be losing a cast member once the third season starts this fall.

Paul Schneider, whose character is city planner Mark Brendanawicz, will be leaving the show.

According to Mike Schur, the co-creator and executive producer of the show, this was the plan all along; that he was based on a real-life person who left the government job to work in the private sector, only to get sick of that too and go back to government.  So with this, it looks like Mark will be off-and-on the show through its run.

Don’t feel too bad for Paul, as his movie career has started to take off – so he’ll be pretty busy for quite awhile now.

Anybody sad to see him go?


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