Idol/Spec: Top 12 Results Show 3/17/2010

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And then there were 11.

Last night’s American Idol results show was interesting in the fact that it wasn’t surprising in the least who was in the dreaded Bottom 3.  But more on that later.

Before Ryan got into who was going to be sitting on the scary stools, David Cook (Season 7 winner) performed Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”.  Man, did he show the contestants how it’s done!  He was just excellent, even if he had a spikey mini-mullet look going on.

Then they announced the first person in the Bottom 3, and it was…Paige.  No big surprise there, really.

The second one joining her on the other side of the room was Tim.  Once again not a shock, since his Tuesday song was incredibly horrible.

The electric guitar wizard Orianthi performs her hit single “According to You”.  Man, her voice must be altered in the studio.  Her guitar playing was incredible, as was obvious.  What I was surprised about was her vocals were horrible.  Her album vocals were playing in the background, and it seemed like she struggled to keep the pitch.  And also, her facial profile is like Lady Gaga.  In other words, her nose is quite prominent.  But regardless, it’s no wonder she has toured with Prince and was going to tour with Michael Jackson – her electric guitar skills are unbelievable!

The final contestant in the Bottom 3 is Lacey.  Once again, not at all surprised.  So including alternates, I got the Bottom 3 correct with yesterday’s prediction.  The judges are asked if any of them were worth using the Judges Save (that was started last year, and will be used again this year).  Simon comes out and says that ONE of them would deserve the save.  It’s obvious who he was referring to.  Seriously, what in the frick does he see in Paige?!

Then it’s announced that the first contestant who is safe is…TIM?!?!?!  Well, there goes my prediction of who will be going home.  BOO!!!!

Before we see if Paige or Lacey will be sent packing, it’s time for Ke$ha so perform.

Ok, I must admit that this is the first time I’ve heard anything by her.  I know that her album was HUGE when it was released.  I know “Tick Tock” was/is an amazingly popular song.  However, I have never heard the song or seen the video.  What can I say – If I’m not listening to a CD in my car, I’m listening to NPR; unless Garrison Keeler comes on.  At that point, his boring voice puts me to sleep, causing me to crash my car.  Every time.  I’m sending him my mechanic’s bills.

Anyways, she sang her new single “Blah Blah Blah”.  Did I say sing?  Let me clarify.  I meant kinda-but-not-really rap, stomp around in her Doc Martin’s kinda-but-not-really dancing, and look kinda-but-not-actually drunk.  Man, this glitterbug really sells the lush angle I’ve heard so much about.  Her lyrics suck so bad, I’m convinced Soldja Boy wrote them for her.  And then they had these white boys kinda-but-not-really rap/sing. 

After the bridges, she emerges from the back wearing a Native American headdress as if to say, “I’m back, bitches!!!”  Did she really think we were concerned about her 5 second absence so much so that we were thrilled for her to fly back onstage wearing something that literally made no sense?

That said, I get her.  She was created at a record label who wanted to create an act that would become an anthem for bitchy high school girls – you know the kind:  The ones who go out clubbing with their bff, dancing together, giving crappy judgmental looks when guys try and come up and dance with them.  They are at the club solely to reject those guys; them getting attention, and having power over the guys by rejecting them, gives them the ego boost them need to validate themselves.  BOOM!  I just dropped some wisdom on ya’ll.  Suck it, Dr. Phil!

So after that freak show, we find out that Lacey will be going home.  She gets to sing once more for the judges, and they will decide whether they want to save her.  They know they won’t save her, she knows they won’t save her, but Ryan wants the viewers to think they’ll save her.  I highly doubt anyone thought there was a chance.

This year, American Idol is doing something they should have done a long time ago:  Letting the contestant choose which of their songs they want to sing from the previous performances.  It’s about time they do it.  It was getting sad that they were forced to sing a song (to try and be saved by the judges) that got them the least votes in the first place.

She chose to sing “The Story”, and surprisingly stood up the whole time.  The judges whispered to each other, but you could tell they weren’t talking about anything to do with the show.  Sure enough, they didn’t save her.

We got to see her goodbye video, and they did a split screen to show the other contestants coming up to hug her.  Katie did her best to make sure the American viewers saw how sad she was Lacey was going home, but it was obviously for show and not sincere.

Well, there you have it.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see Tim the next contestant go home.  Goodbye, Lacey:

OOPS!  I mean:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist one more time.  Here she is:


-I guess Mike sings for the people.  As opposed to everyone else who sings for the trees?  Seriously, dude, I want to keep liking you; but you are getting more fake each week

-The three musical guests were actually a great representation of American Idol, if you think about it.  You had David Cook, who is the example of an all-around musician/performer.  Then you have Orianthi, who’s able to hide her weak voice behind amazing guitar (just like Casey).  Finally, you have Ke$ha, who has absolutely no talent whatsoever, yet is very popular (coughTimcough).

-Ryan, please let the contestants know what questions you are going to ask before the show.  Since they are waiting to hear if they are in the Bottom 3, they end up rambling.

-Ford videos are lame.  Seriously, are the contestants forced to laugh together and smile after the video? 

What did you think?  Shocked?


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