Idol/Spec: Top 11 Performance Show – 3/23/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 11.

Ok, I don’t have much time to put in my two cents, so it’s going to be in my Sidebar style of quick comments for each.  I’ll pretty it up tomorrow:

Lee – People keep saying that he did better at connecting to his audience.  Unless the audience is in the floor of the stage, I highly disagree.  Boring, with little personality, and I still don’t get what’s so amazing about his voice.

Paige – Worst performance ever.  Seriously, she needs to go.  Every week she seems to play the sympathy vote.  First, with a dress “so tight, I couldn’t pee for hours”, then she got “emotional” singing Michael Jackson’s version of “Smile” (she couldn’t pick a different song?!), she was sick (which was ironic, since she never sounded better), then her heels were really high.  Quit making excuses.  None of that should be reasons for you to suck (except the sick one).  She did.  It was pathetic and painful.

Tim – Love Queen.  Love that song.  He actually had energy and sounded better than Paige last night.  Still isn’t great, and it was super cheesey.

Aaron – When they said Aerosmith, I knew it would be this song.  The dude can’t pull off Steven Tyler, and all he does is country.  That said, it was the second week where he sounded great.

Crystal – Awesome job.  Seriously great.  I’m a little worried that she might never leave the comfort of that genre of music – which is fine in the music industry, but not on American Idol (ask Daughtry).

Michael – I love when he does slow songs.  He isn’t super corny and dancing stupid.  He has a wonderful voice, but even the emotion seems staged more so week after week.  I wonder if we will ever see the real Mike.

Andrew – He sang “Heard It Through the Grapevine”.  Unless you are a California Raisin, you can’t pull off this song without coming off lame.  An early favorite is self destructing before our eyes.  Plus, there’s ZERO ways to make this song current.

Katie – She did a great job…if her job was to make immature Fergie songs sound like they were sung by cougars.  Seriously, does she have to kill the energy of EVERYTHING she sings?!  She’s like the singing version of Debbie Downer.

Casey – I love this 80’s song.  I will repeat that with bold:  I love this 80’s song.  Kara is too attracted to this guy to think clearly.  This song doesn’t translate to modern day.  Still a great song to rock out to before putting in Breakfast Club.  He did fine with it, but it was a cover band performance through and through.

Didi – The judges can go to hell.  she was wonderful, she was the first to really use the stage effectively.  I’m convinced the only reason the judges gash at her is because they (and the producers) want Crystal or Siobhan to win, so anyone who would threaten them needs to be put down.  Let’s face it, Didi is the only one who could compete out in the industry against them.  Way to fall into the machine, Ellen.  Hope you don’t need your soul anymore.

Siobhan – Sucked so hard.  First, her hair either looked like the bride of Frankenstein after a haircut, or a punk Estelle Getty.  Not impressed.  Plus, she just has to screech in every song?  It’s not a power note – it’s a scream.  It’s getting old.  And can you honestly see yourself popping in her album for 12 songs and enjoying it?  I didn’t think so.

That’s everything in a nutshell. 

The bottom three will be:

Paige, Tim, and Andrew (with Lee as an alternate)

After last night, Paige should go home.


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