Idol/Spec: Top 11 Results Show 3/24/2010

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Last night was the Top 11 results show on American Idol

Since this week has been busy moving desks around, I’ll have to do the results in the form of my Sidebar style.  Here’s the recap:

-Stupid, stupid fake song to Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”.  It’s obvious the vocals were pre-recorded.  Lame.

-Paige & Tim are put in the bottom 3, and Ryan forgot to tell Lee & Casey to sit down – they were still standing as they went to commercial.

-Despite what a certain Canadian friend of mine may say – Miley Cyrus does NOT have a great voice.  I have no hate towards her.  She’s a product of Disney, so if it wasn’t her it would be another little teen “superstar” created by them performing on stage.  That said, she knows her audience.  The Top 11 could learn from how she knows who likes her and what to do.  Hence her weird headbanging to a song that didn’t need one.  She’s not trying to win over jaded 20/30-somethings like myself.

-Another two Disney products sang together.  Not sure which Jonas it was (does it matter?), but it was with Demi something.  They sounded fine, but I was feeling uncomfortable – from their looks, I thought they would stop singing and rip each others clothes off to just go at it.

-Katie – NOT Andrew – is the last person in the bottom 3.  I thought her tween fans would have saved her, which they did because no sooner did she walk over to join Paige & Tim, Ryan said she was safe.

-Paige is going home.  Thank God.  Before she was announced that she was in the bottom 3, she STILL made excuses for not doing well.  She never took responsibility, and that’s a pet peeve of mine.

-Next week is Motown Week.  I feel like Andrew will sing “Stop in the Name of Love”.  I wonder why…


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