Tyler Perry Attacks Twice in 2011

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Lionsgate sure does love Tyler Perry’s low cost, high profits movies.

Lionsgate announced that they will distribute his adaptation For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf on January 14th, 2011.

Then on April 22, 2011, they will release Madea’s Big Happy Family.

So isn’t Lionsgate worried about cutting them too close?  I guess not.  Doesn’t hurt that the vast majority of the box office amount Perry movies make by the end of their run is made their first weekend.

Seeing as how he hasn’t begun shooting either, he better get to work.

Idol/Spec: Top 6 Results Show 4/28/2010

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Last night was the American Idol‘s Top 6 Results Show.  Here’s the recap:

Wonderful edition of the show last night.  The end had me jumping up in happiness.  But more on that later.

First off, I want to say that even though I hate country music, the musical guests at least were more talented than the guests they’ve had recently.  In the past, it’s just been pop crap (even Usher’s new craptasitc song) – but this week had musicians.  I didn’t watch the one with Shakira because, well, not really a big fan of anything she does.

Did anybody else think Shania was going to perform?  I thought for sure Ryan had said something about that Tuesday night.  Oh well.

They did a behind the scenes bit for their vampire video.  I really wish they would have made that online-only bonus stuff, since it just screamed “time filler”.  The video itself was super lame.*

Also, the Shrek 4 bit was weak.  The contestants were made got to see Shrek 4, while wearing 3D glasses and stupid Shrek ear things.  Then afterwards they pretended to love it.

Cameron Diaz (looking amazing) & Antonio Banderas came out for a quick Q&A with Ryan.  My favorite part was when Ryan asked Antonio to say something in Puss in Boots’ voice.  Ryan, buddy, the voice isn’t hard for Banderas to do – he just has to speak slower and a bit lower.  That’s it.

Now to the eliminations.  Ryan split up the group into three groups of two: 

Lee & Siobhan, Crystal & Aaron, Mike & Casey.

Then Ryan escorted Siobhan over to Mike & Casey – announcing THEM as the Bottom 3!

This was the first time Siobhan had been in the Bottom 3, Casey did a great job the night before, so I figured that I was correct with Mike going home.  They wouldn’t make me happy be eliminating Siobhan, would they?

Then it was announced that MIKE was safe.  Whoa.  I thought this meant Casey was gone.  While I don’t really care for him, he did have a strong night, so I wouldn’t agree with that decision.  Then Ryan announced that the person leaving the show was…


Wow, she looked pissed.  Seriously, if looks could kill, America would have been a wasteland.  To Ryan’s credit, he really stepped up and managed the situation.  As lame as his jokes are, it is times like these that show how great a show conductor he is.  He knew at any minute she was going to speak her mind and make herself look horrible – thereby effing up her future. 

So what did he do?  He tried spinning everything into a positive.  He asked specific questions to soften her up a bit and calm her down by bringing up her fans and family.  Then she had her hug the judges, and asked Randy to give her some advice for the future.  After Ryan pulled out all the stops, she had calmed down quite a bit and was able to give her all in her final performance (still didn’t like it, but it’s better than what could have happened with her cussing out the world).

So with that, we have a Top 5, singing Sinatra next week.  Look for Aaron to change lyrics to appeal to him being too young to do anything, girl or drug related.**

So what did you think?  Did the right one go home?

*Note to self:  When you are driving a convertable at night in the country, make sure you have a pizza with extra garlic on hand in case you come across emo vampires.

**I meant to bring this up yesterday.  He first changed lyrics that talked about drinking, and this week changed words about “making love” – all so he could relate since he’s “too young” for that stuff.  Yea right, Aaron.  I’ve seen Dateline and 20/20.  I know kids your age are now having orgies while high on meth and booze.  Nice try.

Carell Leaving The Office?!

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Normally, rumors are not things I discuss on this site.  However, when the rumor starts from the mouth of the one it’s about – and it’s one of my favorite shows – I can’t let it slide.

There’s a good chance that next season of The Office will be Steve Carell’s final season on the show.

Movieline.com made me aware of a BBC interview Carell did for Date Night where he was asked how long he’s be on the show.  He stated that his contract was up after next season; and that he doesn’t think he’ll stay after that.

Words cannot express how upset that makes me with the thought of that show going on without Carell.  No Michael Scott = No The Office.

While The Office started out meekly on NBC its first season, the show has grown to be the #1 scripted show on the network.  So while I could see them trying to keep the show going without Carell, it will for sure get hit in the ratings.

NBC will probably try to either incredibly jack up Carell’s strategy – which seems like their first strategy – or come up with an end date/season (a la Lost), so Carell would feel compelled to se the show through.  Unlike Sheen, this comment on leaving the show is not believed to be a public way to negotiate salary; it is probably more Carell wanting to focus on his film career.

Creatively, I don’t think the show could go on.  Yes, the show has a great ensemble; but Michael Scott is the center of the show’s universe.  It would be like That 70’s Show‘s final season.  Like Carell might do, Topher Grace left after the seventh season.  Even though the show had a great ensemble, without their show’s center (Eric Foreman), the show had no focus.  Its quality took a dive bomb, and even when going over that season on my DVD copy of it, it was VERY hard to get through.

What are YOUR thoughts on this?

Here’s the upsetting link to where I found out this news.

Condon Directing Twilight

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Looks like the rumor has become real.

Bill Condon – the director of Oscar-bait films such as Gods and Monsters, Kinsey, & Dreamgirls – will be directing Breaking Dawn, the final chapter of the Twilight series.

The film had previously been reported to be broken into two parts (like what the final Harry Potter book will be doing), and in 3D.

“As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book — and we’re hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience,” said Condon.

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