Idol/Spec: Top 10 Results Show 3/31/2010

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Last night was the American Idol Results Show for the Top 10.

Congrats, judges.  Your mission was a success.  The ONE contestant who had a shot of dethroning your favorites Siobhan & Crystal has been eliminated.

I don’t have much enthusiasm for this recap, so it won’t be long.

The bottom 3 were Tim, Katie, & Didi.  Just like I thought.

Katie was sent back to the rest of the group.  Just like I thought.

That left Tim & Didi.  The person announced safe was…TIM?!?! 

Sure enough, the amazing Didi sang to try and appeal for the Judges’ Save (like there was a chance in hell it would be used on her).  So while she sang, the judges talked.  I’d like to say that they were seriously discussing, but that would be a lie.  Seriously, you guys, is it too much to ask that with the millions you make sitting on your asses you could actually pretend for 2 minutes to be listening to the performer?

Well, surprise surprise, they didn’t use it on her.

So by my count, we still have Aaron, Casey, Tim, Katie, Andrew, & Lee who should have gone home before Didi – the most mainstream-marketable contestant on there.  The producers were stupid to not get behind her.  Instead they see Siobhan as more marketable?  How is she marketable again?  Lady Gaga wouldn’t even wear Siobhan’s clothes – which I’m convinced is inspired by shopping at Goodwill blindfolded.  Also, she does NOT have a better voice than Didi.  Seriously, get a clue.

Sorry if I sound bitter – I’m just done after this season.  It’s not 100% due to Didi, but more of that being the last straw.  I guess I’m burned out by:

1) Horrible contestants that go farther than they should

2) Contestants that shouldn’t be there in the first place

3) Strong performers being voted off before the horrible ones, who get left on the show to continue to rape my ear canal for many, many weeks

4) The fact that tens of thousands of people audition, and I’m supposed to believe that these are the best

5) Producers/judges obvious showing of favoritism – yet wanting the nation to believe they are being impartial

6) Randy

7) Simon – the only one people actually care to listen to – leaving after this season

So that’s my beef with the show.  I just realized that with me dropping Idol, and 24 being done after this year, I’ll have a lot of extra time next year.



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