Idol/Spec: Top 9 Performance Show – 4/6/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 9.

Ok, my new job description is still going nuts, so I don’t have much time to put in my two cents.  You know what that means –  Sidebar style:

Aaron Kelly – He sang “Long and Winding Road”, and I’m SURE it would have been huge at a concert for his high school choir – but for American Idol it wasn’t good.  It’s funny, but I never understood why people liked him so much.  Then he did great performances for the Top 12 & 11 weeks.  But THEN he did crappy ones for the Top 10 & 9 weeks.

Katie Stevens – “Let It Be” was her song choice.  Boring.  The judges loved it, but I don’t think she showed anything different than past weeks.  Because of that, I believe she’ll once again be in the bottom 3 tonight.

Andrew Garcia – “Can’t Buy Me Love”.  I enjoyed it.  Yes, it was campy – but in a good way.  At least it was MILES better than the other week’s grapevine crime.

Michael Lynche – “Eleanor Rigby”.  Very hard song to do, and he nailed it.  Vocally, he’s very impressive.

Crystal Bowersox – “Come Together”.  She’s strictly in a league of her own.  I don’t think she’s the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood (record sales-wise), but I DO think she’ll win this show.  And she should.  It wasn’t her best performance, but as usual it was the best of the night.

Tim Urban – “All My Lovin”.  Umm…Where did that performance come from?!  He’s been week-to-week horrible, and out comes this well done performance.  Crazy.  Of course, he’ll still be in the bottom 3.  The judges loved it – but this might be the week he goes home.  My logic is that every week, the judges have been bashing him, yet he’s been safe; so naturally, the week he does GREAT he’ll be sent home.

Casey James – “Jealous Man”.  Really good, for him.  Still not thinking he’s the best ever – however, he actually PERFORMED it.  Other weeks he seemed like a cover band musician.

Siobhan Magnus – “Across the Universe”.  I really don’t like her at all.  Sorry.  At least she didn’t scream this song.  Also, her teary explanation for why she chose it didn’t make sense.  Moving on…

Lee Dewyze – “Hey Jude”.  I STILL don’t get him.  Can someone explain to me why there’s so much love for this guy?  He seems super nice and all, but his vocals just aren’t good.  And a single bagpipe guy?  Talk about an underwhelming “reveal”. 

Bottom 3 – Tim, Aaron, & Katie

Going home – Tim (though I hope it’s Katie or Aaron)


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