Idol/Spec: Top 9 Results Show 4/7/2010

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Wednesday night was the American Idol Results Show for the Top 9.  I didn’t put this up yesterday because it wasn’t eventful.

The bottom 3 was Andrew, Aaron, and Mike. 

I had guessed that Aaron was going to be in the bottom 3, but was surprised when he was sent back to sit with the people coming back next week.  He’s horrible, so I don’t expect him to be around much longer.  Ok, maybe horrible is strong – but he’s out of his league on the show, even for this season.

Then they announced Mike was the lowest vote-getter.  He sang the song that had made Kara cry for his judges’ appeal.  Even though I fail to see how that performance was any different than last night, Simon thought is was a lot better and they saved him.  Then the other judges acted more excited than the audience with that news.  Makes me believe that maybe Simon is the only judge who really makes that decision.  Either that, or the judges really love high-fiving, and use anything as an excuse to do it.

So was the judges’ save used properly?  Sure, why not.  He’s not going to WIN this season, but unless Crystal somehow gets the lowest votes, there’s no one else that would be a better choice to use it on.

Next week, two people will be eliminated.  Also, Adam Lambert will be the mentor.  Because, you know, he’s had years of experience on the mainstream music scene, along with being a past American Idol winner.  Oh wait, no he hasn’t; and no he wasn’t.

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