Idol/Spec: Top 9 Performance Show – 4/13/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 9 (part deux!).  Here’s a quick recap:

It was Elvis week, with Adam Lambert as the mentor.  Don’t be mistaken with what I said about him last week.  I was negative about him being a mentor, because 1)he’s not had the experience as other mentors such as Dolly, Randy Travis, or Usher, and 2) I’ve been SO tired of how much the producers favor him over others.  That said, he’s always seemed like a nice dude, and technically he’s very talented (though I don’t like his singing tone).  Moving on…

Crystal Bowersox – “Saved” was alright.  She’s always good, but I felt this one was pretty phoned in.  I will warn her not to let the praise lull her into doing more of the same each week.  Just ask Melinda Dolittle & Daughtry – that won’t help you win the show.

Andrew Garcia – “Hound Dog”  – Goodbye, Andrew.  I want to say it was nice knowing you, but I never saw the greatness that the hype had bestowed upon you.

Tim Urban – “Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Seriously, two weeks in a row he picks the perfect song for his voice.  Very good performance.  He’s still all 100% High School Musical, but at least he’s a good type of HSM (these last two weeks, that is).

Lee Dewyze – “A Little Less Conversation” – I’ve never got the appeal of this guy’s voice.  I still don’t; however, last night was the best song he could have chosen.  Probably my favorite performance of his, vocally.  However, his performing skills are horrible.  Yet, if you were to ask him how many tiles are on the floor of the stage, I bet he could tell you.

Aaron Kelly – “Blue Suede Shoes” – Every performance is a show choir performance.  I think he’s in danger – that is, unless America’s grandmas figured out how to text.

Siobhan Magnus – “Suspicious Minds” – Her lower notes/register is Pee-Wee Herman, her high register is Axl Rose in the Broadway production of Cats.  I’m glad the judges are finally realizing that she’s not all they thought she was.  Wish they would have discovered this before Didi left, but oh well.  Also, her speeches these last two weeks have absolutely no point to them (whatever caused Paige to do that every week must be contagious).  People only clap because they like her, and because she gets teary.  This week, she was saying how it’s ok that she doesn’t know who she is as an artist, and that’s ok.  Siobhan, we have a name for people who don’t know who they are as an artist.  Actually two names:  “Sell Out” or “Not an artist”.  Seriously, if you don’t know what you want to do, this isn’t the line of work for you.

Michael Lynche – “In the Ghetto” – No one will perform this better than Cartman from South Park for me.  That said, Mike’s voice was beautiful.  Vocally, he’s the strongest dude.  I love it.  That said, he may go home – since he does the same thing every week, and last week they had to use the Judges’ Save on him.

Katie Stevens – “Baby, What You Want Me To Do” – First off, wasn’t it a little creepy that Ryan was talking with tweens coming out of the commercial break?  Also, the name of this song reminded me of Lambert’s single “What Do You Want From Me?”  Anywho…  Her outfits are always dumb (not as dumb as Siobhan’s, but that’s beside the point).  I just think she’s too young sometimes, body language-wise.  Her “sassy vibes” just seemed like they were very fake, because she hasn’t had life experiences.  So thank you, TV, for giving her an idea of what things are supposed to look like.  Also, she has NO soul in her songs.  She’s the succubus of song this season.

Casey James – “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” – He has become the attractive Taylor Hicks to me.  Great bar band act, but nothing else.  I would absolutely tap my feet if he was performing at a bar I was in (though I still wouldn’t stop the current conversation I was having about the importance of beer nuts over pretzels), but he just won’t be huge in mainstream media.  Nothing wrong with that.  Just saying.  Anyways, I thought this was the perfect bookend for last night’s show – we started out the show with a performance on autopilot, and we ended on one.

Bottom 3 – Andrew, Aaron, & Katie – with Tim as an alternate

Going Home:  Andrew & Katie




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  1. Hi Noah. I agree with most of your comments on the contestants. I especially agree with your comments on Big Mike, when you stated, ““In the Ghetto” – Mike’s voice was beautiful. Vocally, he’s the strongest dude. I love it.” Well, I loved it too and definitely, he is the strongest guy, vocally speaking. I’m happy to see you judge musically. Unfortunately, most of our voters are white-Americans, who most likely won’t vote for Mike all the way to the finallnight, where he deserves to be. Mike and Crystal are my 2 finalists.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Aldie! Feel free to keep them coming!

      When I judge the shows, I look at both musically and marketability-wise, which is what the show IS about (which I think even the judges forget, since they would BASH Didi when she’s 1,000 times more marketable than Siobhan). Vocal/music style-wise, I would have the same top 2 as you, however, I don’t think it’s going to end up that way. I will be VERY shocked if Mike makes the top two. His fake personality will be the death of him, if it didn’t already get to him last week.

  2. Viewing AI this year has been a hit or miss thing with me. No, I didn’t see Adam mentoring. I knew he would be a mentor, but this didn’t entice me to look at the show. I see Adam as a very talented showman who has yet to reach the zenith of his success. His album, FYE, while not a flop, hasn’t set the world on fire – it just didn’t generate the sales his fans expected.

    I don’t understand what you meant by saying Casey was an attractive Taylor Hicks. Don’t know if you were talking about his personality and demeanor or his physical appearance. I have never seen Casey perform, but I do know what he looks like. He is very attractive and to me looks like Bucky Covington, who is a good friend of Taylor.

    Taylor no longer looks the same way he did on season 5 of AI. He’s now slender and very handsome. I’m talking about George Clooney type of handsome. In person, he is physically beautiful. I’ve also seen Adam Lambert in person. Asked for his autograph. He’s not only very handsome but a gracious, accommodating person to fans.

  3. I agree with most of what you said – with one HUGE exception – Big Mike. His voice is high pitched and screechy! and is totally without soul. He sucks the life out of every song he sings… I find this to be sad, because in the beginning I was rooting for him. I really enjoyed his “Unchained Melody” audition. I for one will not be buying his album (provided he actually gets the opportunity to make one).

  4. Ange- The Taylor Hicks comment wasn’t a slam. Basically – like Taylor – Casey thrives in the small venue blues performance space more than mainstream music. They both have that aura of “grab a beer, have a listen” feeling for the proper way to enjoy them. Neither have much of a range in their vocals; but their safe areas (where they never stray from) are very comfortable and fun. Casey is an amazing guitar player, but he isn’t a strong singer, so he hides behind his guitar because that’s where he excels.

    C – I can understand what you are saying about not being happy with the voice, but “screechy” is not at all the right word. I think you were looking more for “shouty”. I don’t agree with you on that, but that’s totally fine. I too would not buy his album. But to be honest, I don’t think there’s anyone left who will sell a lot of albums (or get me to buy one either).

    Is there anyone left whose album you would buy? If so, who and why?

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