Hype Debunking #1

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There are a lot of statements made by Hollywood that just aren’t true.  The PR department’s job at a studio/network is to spin numbers in their favor in press releases.  So they do.  Is it unethical?  No.  They aren’t lying, per se.  There’s a basis of truth in the statements, but it’s really up to the listeners to decipher the truth.  That’s where I come in.

This first one will be short, because it’s a quick response.

Hype Debunking #1:  Wow!  Dancing with the Stars has finally passed American Idol to be the #1 show on TV!!!  Thanks to Kate Gosselin, they’ve toppled a show that’s been on top for YEARS!!!  Dancing with the Stars has never been bigger!!


Truth:  Dancing with the Stars has not, in fact, beaten American Idol for the top spot.  It is true that their total viewers has been higher than Idol some weeks this season, but that demo does NOT determine the top position.  The A18-49 demo does. 

American Idol is STILL tops in the A18-49 demo, and isn’t going anywhere.  Even Glee is beating Dancing with the Stars in the ratings.

We are flying/So very high/Can barely see Dancing/From the sky

Monday night’s performance show for Dancing with the Stars was down 4% from last week – bring it to this cycle’s lowest rated episode.  Last night’s results show was down 11% (a 2.4) – it’s lowest rated results show ever

To Summarize:  Is Dancing with the Stars bigger than ever?  Not even close.

WE'RE (still) #1!!!

Do you have any questions?  Any rumors you want verified?  Email me at iamnoahjames@yahoo.com


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