Idol/Spec: Top 7 Performance Show – 4/20/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 7. 

Here’s a quick recap:

This night wasn’t very exciting, but what can you expect when you only have one person left who should win this.

Casey James – Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop”

Seriously, dude.  Drop the effin guitar.  It’s like he was singing to kill time between guitar licks.  I’m watching American Idol – not Guitar Hero.  Very boring, safe, lame, and other similar words.  The judges all seemed bored, and they should be.  He’s not pushing himself because, well, that’s really all he has left.  All I could think of during his performance was, “Man, I bet he picks up a lot of tail after each bar performance.”

Lee Dewyze – Simon & Garfunkel “The Boxer”

What can I say that hasn’t been said on every week’s recap?  The judges all loved him.  However, I fail to see the greatness in him.  Seems super nice (though so painfully boring to watch perform).  The camera person needed to back away from his mouth – I was getting tired of seeing the spit strands in the back of his mouth.  It’s not Lee’s fault.  Those happen to everybody.  The camera department could have tried other angles.  Either way, I just don’t get him.

Tim Urban – Goo Goo Dolls “Better Days”

If I were to judge this compared to the last two weeks, this wasn’t a good performance.  However, compared to before those weeks, it was a lot better.  Pretty boring and pitchy, but miles better than the weeks of the Top 24-10.

Aaron Kelly – R. Kelly “I’m Gonna P*ss on You“…ok ok, it was “I Believe I Can Fly”

How the judges didn’t notice his really shaky and pitchy vocals is beyond my understanding.  Especially the beginning, he seemed almost scared up there.  Not really sure why.  Either way, *snore*

Siobhan Magnus – Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey “When You Believe”

Horrible.  Boring.  And so on.  The real problem I had with it was her response after the judges’ comments.  They all thought it was bad and boring.  Her response was on the verge of crying for the third week in a row (seriously, is she related to Glenn Beck?).  She said it wasn’t fair to compare her to Whitney & Mariah.  She was trying to go out there and sing a song she loved.  That’s all fine and good..but no one said anything about comparing you to either of them.  At all.  Their criticism was with you.  It seemed like she had prepared that little speech, and even though the judges didn’t say anything like that, she still wanted to say it.  Lame.

Michael Lynche – “Hero” From Spider-Man 2, I believe

Karaoke.  Really weak karaoke.  He might even go home after it.  Good for you, Michael, that you like this song.  But so what?  Your voice was made for smooth R&B.  Not choppy rock.

Also, his wardrobe person needs to get in trouble for two things.  First, this whole time American Idol has been trying to trick the viewers into thinking that Michael is actually super buff and strong.  He’s the muscle man.  However, the tight shirt (and the pants as well ) he wore showed the world that nope, he’s kinda heavy.  don’t know a nicer way of putting it.  But the shirt showed his big ol’ belly from every angle.  Also, shame on them for giving him a shirt that’s prone to obvious sweat spots.  At the end, he raised his meaty right arm to show a GINORMOUS sweat stain.  Just like Lee with his spit strands, sweating happens with 500,000 stage lights.  The wardrobe department should’ve known better.

Crystal Bowersox – Impressions “People Get Ready”

Just amazing.  She absolutely showed that anybody else winning this season would be a joke.  Wonderful.

Bottom 3 – Aaron, Mike, & Tim  – with Siobhan as an alternate.

Going home – I actually think it might be Mike’s turn to go.  Aaron should for sure go home before Mike, but last night could have hurt Mike.  And there’s no more Judges Saves for the big fella.

What did you think?  Who do you think will be in the bottom 3?  Who’s going home?



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  1. I totally disagree with the assessment of Siobhan. It not only was the best performance last night, but one of the best ever on Idol. It was an A+ a 10 out of 10. I plan to download the studio cut, and if it isn’t as good, to find a suitable audio rendering of last nights performance. In either case, I’ll play the heck out of it.

    Also thought, while agreeing along the lines of him not being even worthy of being on the show this year, that Tim was great last night. Have really come to enjoy him and his performances the last couple of weeks — and really ALL his studio cuts are pretty good.

    And sure, still, Crystal is the favorite to win this thing.

  2. Trying to be open minded to the idea that my mood was different last night, just went back and watched Tim’s performance again after posting the above reply. Yeah, solid, moving, “real” performance — inspired. It’s about being listenable… could give a crap about technical merit or whatever. Emotion and believability — and again, nice to listen to.

    And then just after typing that, went and listened to Siobhan again. She not only was great and VERY REAL… she owned the thing. So much better than Mariah (who frankly never impresses me much, a lot technical gyrations that grow very boring after a song or two) and, in the case of this particular song, beats Whitney as well.

    Last point, for reference, was thinking that Siobhan should go home based on last week’s performance.

    My favorite was Katie — did you see/hear her on Letterman and then on Ellen. Wow! She cuts an album, I’m first in line.

  3. One of our readers recommended this blog post:…

    Casey James – Fleetwood Mac “Don’t Stop”. Seriously, dude. Drop the effin guitar. It’s like he was singing to kill time between guitar licks. I’m watching American Idol – not Guitar Hero. Very boring, safe, lame, and other similar words. … Also, h…

  4. Brent – Couple things. I must admit that I’m not a Siobhan fan. I really never have been. So part of my assessments are – I admit – bias. However, my real problem wasn’t her singing but more of her response to the judges. That’s really where I docked her points.

    And as for Tim – I have really liked him the past two weeks, but this week wasn’t great. Still, he’s grown on me, so I was sad he went home before others who should just leave. He seemed like such a nice fella.

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