Idol/Spec: Top 7 Results Show 4/21/2010

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Last night was the American Idol‘s Idol Give Back/Top 7 Results Show.  I didn’t watch most of it – which looking back, I’m glad I didn’t.  I heard it was quite boring, though based on good intentions.

The Bottom 3 were: Tim, Casey, & Aaron.

Tim went home.

You know, I’m not at all surprised Tim went home.  I’m surprised he lasted the results show of the Top 24!  However, he’s really grown on me the last few weeks.

I will saw one thing about the Idol Gives Back that rubbed me the wrong way – which happened on Tuesday’s Performance Show.  Ryan announced that a big thanks needed to go out to Coke and their generous donation……of letting people donate their Coke rewards to Idol Gives Back?!?!?!

Really, Coca-Cola? I’ve been a lifelong Diet Coke drinker, so I love you, but THAT’S your donation you wanted announced? I’m sure those in Africa will be SO grateful to receive 100,000 Coke points so they can finally get that Coca-Cola sweatshirt they’ve always wanted.

But seriously, I understand that giving that option is nice (I guess), and that the points can be used for goods and supplies that Idol gives. However, for THAT to be what they so proudly wanted to be announced – and to take credit as being uber generous on their part – is almost insulting.

But oh well.

Anyways, did the right person get sent home?  What’d you think?


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