Idol/Spec: Top 5 Performance Show – 5/4/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 5. 

Here’s a quick recap:

Last night was Frank Sinatra night with guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr.  I have to say that Connick has been (by far) the best mentor they had.  Instead of just the usual “you have to feel the music” type of “guidance” the contestants have been getting each week, Connick seemed to really come at this as more of a music coach.  He seemed to be able to teach the singers, while still making it fun and light.  Now on to the performances:

Aaron Kelly – Fly Me To The Moon

I still think the judges don’t like him as much as they pretend to – out of ego for having weak season.  He just isn’t that great.  Granted, he’s good in the standpoint of showchoir at his high school – however, in a mainstream pop kind of way….not so much.  This performance was just very underwhelming. 

Kara commented how he needed more swagger and confidence up there.  I disagree with her suggesting that.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a limp noodle.  However, I don’t think he knows what “swagger” looks like.  He’s simply too awkward to try and pull it off without coming across as a kid trying to do grown up movements.  Every time he tries to look confident, it’s very staged and…well…showchoiry.

Casey James – Blue Skies

Horrible.  He seemed very awkward moving around.  It reminded me of Jason Castro’s weird presentation of Memories.  He just did not seem confortable up there.  Also, I hated how Ryan and Casey acted like he’s socially retarded without his guitar.  Lame excuse for an amatuer performance.

Also, it’s about time someone on the judging panel noted his weird tommy-gun vibrato.

Crystal Bowersox – Summer Wind

Another laidback performance, like last week.  Yet, I preferred last week’s more.  This wasn’t very special, but was still tons better than the first two songs of the night.

Michael Lynche – The Way You Look Tonight

I thought it was amazing.  His voice is miles above the other guys’, and he really showed his power.  Amazing performance.

Lee DeWyze – That’s Life

I’ve never been a HUGE fan of this guy, but last night was really good.  Connick was able to bring out the best of Lee’s limited range.  He almost seemed like he became Harry Connick Jr, Jr.  Not really pumped about what his hand was doing at the end of the performance (was he checking to see if it started raining?!), but it was still well done.

Even though – vocally – Mike was better, Lee’s overall performance was the best of the night.

So who is in the Bottom 3?  If you’ve been following my site each week, you’ve noticed I’ve been wrong about a lot – but I’ll still wager:

Bottom 3 – Mike, Aaron, Casey

Casey goes home.

What did you think?  Who do you think is going home?


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