Idol/Spec: Top 5 Results Show 5/5/2010

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Last night was the American Idol‘s Top 5 Results Show.  Here’s the recap:

Interesting show.  We had multiple group performances from the contestants (pre-recorded vocals, natch).  Harry Connick Jr. did a great performance.  Lee was announced safe before everybody else.  All of the usual stuff…

Then Lady Gaga hit the floor.  Woof.  That was horrible, but to be expected from her at this point.  Let’s see:  Stupid outfit that hides her face – or more importantly, her nose?  Check.  Homoerotic male dancers slithering and gayfacing around while wearing spanks?  Check.  An Ace of Base-sounding chorus?  Check.  Her playing simplistic piano, while trying to make it look impressive and hard?  Check.  Touching her own boobs and body to remind the audience that she has boobs and a lady-like body?  Check.  Lyrics to resemble some sort of deeper meaning, while none is there?  Check.

After that Crapfest, we got to the other four contestants who were put into two groups:  Casey/Crystal & Mike/Aaron. 

Of course Mike/Aaron was announced as the Bottom 2.  Mike had this look on his face like what do I have to do for you people?!  My suggestion is to knock the fake personality, which is the reason you are in the bottom week-after-week – but I highly doubt you’ll listen to that advice, Mike.

Aaron was sent home.  They showed his montage, reminding people that he seemed like the nicest guy at your church camp.  He sang Tuesday night’s song as the show faded out until next week.

What did you think?  Surprised?


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