Idol/Spec: Top 4 Performance Show – 5/11/2010

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Last night was American Idol –  The Top 4. 

Here’s a quick recap:

Tuesday’s Performance Show was Movie Night, with guest mentor Jamie Foxx.  He was on last season, did a great job mentoring, but his performance was HORRIBLE!  Don’t get me wrong, Foxx does have an amazing voice – but him using auto-tune KILLED his voice.  Yeesh.

Lee Dewyze – Seal “Kiss From a Rose”

This nonsensical song didn’t seem like a song he’d perform.  Earlier this season, Mike did a Spider-Man song – so now Lee is doing a Batman Forever song.  Interesting.

What wasn’t interesting was the performance.  Like Simon said, it was very karaoke, and his voice sounded horrible.  Pitch-wise, he was all over the place.  Gross.

Michael Lynche – Michael Jackson “Will You Be There?”

The Free Willy song DID seem like one Mike could sing.  Of the 300-ish pounds this guy weighs, 95% of it is made of cheese – so I saw this song coming a mile away (it doesn’t hurt that I owned the soundtrack to this song when I was a kid).

It was alright.  Sorta boring, with nothing really great about it.  True, he had a neat mini-gospel choir behind him; however, their performance actually dominated his, instead of elevating it like they should.

Lee & Crystal – Swell Season “Falling Slowly”

What a difference a year makes.  I believe last year Kara said to Kris this was from an “unknown movie” (Once), yet it’s back again!  Kris Allen was simply amazing with this song last year, so how did these two do together?

It started off a little shaky, and it never quite acheived what Kris did with it, but compared to most of the season this performance was really good.  I enjoyed it once they hit the halfway point, and it was nonstop strong through the end.

Casey James – Simon & Garfunkel “Mrs. Robinson”

With knowing he would be singing “a song from” The Graduate, there was little doubt the whole Kara-oggling-Casey jokes would be done to death.  Turns out, he sang the title song (duh), and it was ok.  Pretty subtle, full of his weird vibrato, but better than last week’s crapfest.  Didn’t care for his Kyra Sedgwick hair though…

Sure enough, the judges spent more time teasing Kara than actually offering their opinion.  Annoying.

Crystal Bowersox – Kenny Loggins “I’m Alright”

I agreed with the judges – not only did she do a great job with this song from Caddyshack, but she made the song better than the original.  It fit her perfectly.

Mike & Casey – Bryan Adams “Have You Ever Loved a Woman?”

From Don Juan DeMarco – The first verse was done by Casey, and it was horrible; the second was Mike, who did much better.  The chorus was the two together, switching voice parts (sometimes Mike was the high part, sometimes Casey), and I was impressed with that.  Casey once again showed his amazing guitar playing.

What I wasn’t impressed with was 1)Mike basically just holding the guitar as a prop.  Seriously, I don’t think he did anything with it. And 2)Their lovey looks at each other during the song.  Since the “Dancing In the Street” music video, never have I been so sure to see two male singers on the verge of making out.

So who is going home?  I would have to say Mike or Casey.  Mike’s tenure in the Bottom 2/3 leads me to believe that this is his week to be kicked off.

Who do you think is going home?  What did you think of the show?


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