Idol/Spec: Top 4 Results Show 5/12/2010

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Last night was the American Idol‘s Top 5 Results Show.  Here’s the recap:

Last week was sorta interesting.  This week…not so much.  SO much filler, it was frustrating (Ryan: “So A, how do you feel about your performance?”  “B, do you agree with it?  How did YOU feel about A‘s performance?”  “A, how do you feel about how B feels about how you felt?”  AHHHHH!!!!).  It was crazy with that.

I knew this week they wouldn’t be doing a Bottom 3 anymore, but I thought that they would make it somewhat suspenseful with the order of who they announced was safe.  I was wrong.

Fantasia sings first.  She was alright, making sure to wear her best Justin Bieber wig and sounding like a Macy Gray/dolphin hybrid.

Then Ryan asks each of the four what they are looking forward to if they make the Top 3 (where they get to go home and have a lot of fanfare in their hometown).  Mike says, “Puppies..oh yea, and his wife and kid, I guess.”  Maybe not those EXACT words, but definitely in that order.  Crystal wants to go and jam with her bass player in their local dive bars.  Lee wants to “I’m looking forward to, it will be great, and then I feel blessed, you know, and yeah.”  Ummm…since when did he start talking like Fred Armisen’s Weekend Update (on SNL) character who can’t finish thoughts?!  Meanwhile, Casey wants to see his dogs again.  Gee, way to dream big!

Then Ryan announces that Casey is safe.  Ok, so far I get it.  If it were down to Mike and Casey in the Bottom 2, it wouldn’t be suspenseful.  Therefore, I predicted that it would be Lee and Mike in the Bottom 2 for the best suspense (since Lee was HORRIBLE Tuesday night).

Next up is Daughtry.  His song was alright.  Still the light rock he’s been shilling, but a lot better than his last lame-o songs.

Then Ryan goes over the songs that these three sang.  At this point, I was glad Casey sat down first, since this saves us the 15 minutes the judges would revisit the “Mrs. Robinson”/Kara comments.  Close call!  All three kinda rambled with their answers to Ryan, which has been a notable problem this year.  The one I had the most problem with was Lee.  Ryan noted that the judges all pretty much hated it, and did Lee agree.  Lee responded that he didn’t regret it, and he didn’t agree.  Dude, you sucked Tuesday night – it’s ok to admit it wasn’t one of your prouder moments.  I think the contestants think that if they stand up for their performances it comes off as being strong; however, I completely disagree.  If anything, it makes you appear weak, and afraid to better yourself.  That doesn’t really make labels want to work with you if you won’t work with them. 

Whatever.  Lee is safe.  Wait…what?  Don’t get me wrong, I was sure he would be safe this week – but having Crystal and Mike the remaining on stage takes away all suspense for who is going home.  Look at Mike and his family’s faces; they know Crystal is safe now.  The sparkle in their eyes is gone.

Now Bon Jovi sings.  Once again, it was fine, but the same as any of their other songs.  I had a friend in college named John who loved AC/DC, but according to him they had two songs with just more variations of those two.  That’s become the same with Bon Jovi.

Finally, the announcement.  The last contestant to enter the Top 3 is………………………………………Crystal!  Holy cats!  What a surprise!!  Totally did not see that coming!

But seriously, no one acted the least surprised.  Crystal seemed sad to have the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man go home, but other than that everyone seemed underwhelmed.

Mike sang his Free Willy song, hugged the judges and talked to them a bit.  Then he went up and hugged Ryan and the other contestants.  You could hear the other singers say “Good job” to which he replied “I’ll Be Fine”.  Sorry, Mike, but he world isn’t as torn apart with this news as you think it is.  You have a great voice, but until you stop being fake, people aren’t going to flock to you.


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