UPDATED: Pack Your Bags for Another Journey!

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UPDATED 5/27/10:  Fraser is a no-go for the sequel.  Turns out he’s not wanting to make this journey (so to speak) without the original director – who is busy with the 3D Yogi Bear.

Original Post 4/28/10:  Sequels, sequels everywhere!

New Line and Walden Media are moving forward with a sequel to the Journey to the Center of the Earth – set for next year.

Brendan Fraser may not be along for that ride.  The reason is that the studio is considering hiring another director for the sequel, since Eric Brevig is currently working on Yogi Bear (in 3D) – meanwhile, Fraser doesn’t want to move forward without Brevig helming it.

That may not stop the studio for centering the story around the son of Fraser’s character.  While this would save money, it may be a risk to launch a movie without any star power behind it – which has hurt many movies lately.

And OF COURSE this movie will be in 3D, as was the first one.


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  1. We need a write in campaign to Brendan really. I understand that he prefers the same director and all but to make that movie without Brendan, well what is the point? If he insists on that director then they need to just shelve the idea until that director is available.

    • I would agree that they shouldn’t do it without Fraser, but I doubt a campaign would do much good. Instead, Fraser should get a blessing from Brevig (like what happened with Depp for the 4th Pirate’s movie). That way, Fraser could move forward on a positive note.

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