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There’s a time-honored tradition that happens this time of year:   Chuck fans biting their nails to see if the show gets renewed for another season.  So how is Chuck looking this year?  The answer may surprise you…

Things are looking pretty good.

Make no mistake – Chuck’s ratings have not gone up this year.  If they had their current (Season 4) ratings in any of their past seasons, the show would be done.  However, NBC has had a rough year.  So while Chuck may not be coming up golden, it’s not their…ahem…weakest link.  Let’s look at NBC’s primetime drama situation:

Freshman shows Outlaw, Undercovers, & Chase have all been cancelled – in that order. 

The Event has been on hiatus since December.  That show started with ratings NBC was giving high-fives over; but those ratings have gone south quite quickly.  Unless their spring episodes make a huge jump up – expect that show to not be asked back for a 2nd season.

Law & Order: LA has been a so-so performer.  NBC loves Law & Order and Dick Wolf, so they aren’t giving up on that show yet.  In fact, they’ve retooled it for its new episodes coming up.  Skeet Ulrich is out, and Alfred Molina is moving from the Order side to the Law side.  With the original Law & Order being cancelled, and this being the final year of Law & Order: Criminal Intent – My feeling is they will renew this show.

The Cape & Harry’s Law both premiered midseason.  Harry’s Law – Mondays at 10p – has done alright.  That one I could see going either way on being renewed.  We’ll have to watch the next few weeks to see where their ratings land.  I wouldn’t be shocked if it got a 2nd season chance.  The Cape, on the other hand, is a goner.  NBC recently reduced their episode order from 13 episodes to 10.  I don’t need to be Miss Cleo to see the outlook of their future.

The 2nd season of Parenthood has been hovering on the bubble for most of the season.  However, right now its numbers indicate it’s doing well enough to be renewed.

Law & Order: SVU is the highest rated drama NBC has.  That’s coming back next season for sure.

Chuck is coming in a little north of the middle ratings-wise.  Like I said earlier, any other season the show would be cancelled if they had these Season 4 ratings.  Last week it had a 1.7 A18-49, the week before about a 1.9.  Not pretty – but neither is NBC right now.

So let’s sum up:  3 freshman dramas already cancelled with 2 more freshman dramas headed for the ax.  This gives NBC some scheduling holes for new shows; however, with launching new series costing the network so much more than returning shows, NBC will more than likely keep Chuck to guarantee SOME viewers for that time period.



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  1. NBC has just lost a lot of luster in their programming. It seems just a few years ago they were the king of networks, but nowadays I find myself tuned in more often to CBS or even ABC.

    True, I am a sitcom person, and these two network have some great ones right now, but I only really tune in to NBC to watch Chuck, The Office, and Biggest Loser. Once The Office loses Steve later this season, who knows if it will survive. That leaves 2 programs on NBC that I usually watch, and if I happen to miss BL, it’s not a huge deal.

    • Don’t worry too much about The Office right now. As it is, that show is the highest rated scripted show on NBC – so it would have a long way to fall before NBC gets rid of it. Unless the cast and crew decide to end it before NBC does (which I highly doubt now that it’s in syndication), I would imagine the show will last at least 1 more season.

      That said, I have faith in the writers. Having Steve announce his plans to move on seems to have been a wake-up call to the writers, and this season has been refreshing (Threat Level Midnight? I give that movie two thumbs WAY up).

  2. Good know-how! I have been hunting for things like that for a while today. Excellent!

  3. We thought Chuck’s first season was unique, special and fun. However it has become less so with each passing year. We are not surprised to see the ratings dip. Perhaps we are surprised they have not dipped more.

    “Chuckwatch”. That was humorous.

    • I actually quite enjoyed season 3. The only complaint I had was their need to have Buy More still be a part of the series. When they had to do major budget cuts by getting rid of some of the cast – along with Chuck quitting Buy More on season 2’s finale – I thought that would mean no more Buy More.

      Turns out, that wasn’t the case. And other than Anna, I couldn’t figure out who they got rid of. In fact, they brought on Brandon Routh for an extended amount of episodes – so THAT couldn’t have been cheap.

      Season 3’s use of Buy More seems to have been flimsy and unneeded – if nothing more than to keep the flames of Jeffster alive.

  4. […] to the annual ChuckWatch, fans of Fringe have been pulling out their hair every spring for the past two years – and this […]

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