Will Sunshine Put Cougar Town in the Dark?

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By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Mr. Sunshine – Matthew Perry’s new sitcom on ABC – was a big ratings hit last night.  Its premiere debuted after Modern Family at 9:30 EST with a 3.7 A18-49.

Fans of Cougar Town may be getting nervous with Mr. Sunshine taking over their spot until April – combined with the fact that last week Cougar Town got a 2.7 rating, and a season low 2.0 rating the previous week.  So if Mr. Sunshine’s ratings stay higher, does that end the life of the sitcom in its sophomore season?

Fans of the show, relax.  Cougar Town has already been renewed for another season. Are you calmed down yet?  Good.  Let’s talk about more reasons the show is safe (for now).

First off, if there is any sitcom whose fate is affected by Perry’s show, it’s Better With You.  This freshman comedy has been a low performer almost its entire run.  Even being the meat in a The Middle & Modern Family sandwich, viewers have been changing the channel at 8:30 and changing back to ABC at 9.  Let me assure you that ABC has been watching this very closely.  I highly doubt Better With You will make it to a second season.  Logically, it would make sense for ABC to stick either Cougar Town or Mr. Sunshine on at 8:30 next season to strengthen their Wednesday comedy block.

The next reason – and this will sound eerily similar to the Chuck conversation – is that ABC’s dramas (mostly the new ones) aren’t performing for the network.  ABC has already cancelled The Whole Truth and My Generation.  V & Detroit 1-8-7 are gone after this season – along with No Ordinary Family, which started off great and has dropped to poor ratings.  That’s 5 dramas guaranteed to not show up for the 2011-2012 season.

Well…maybe 7.  Brothers & Sisters has been performing JUST well enough for ABC to need to keep it.  However, if Body of Proof does well when it premieres in March, ABC will more than likely drop the older (more expensive) show once this television season ends.  Also, Off The Map – Shonda Rhimes third show on ABC  – has anemic ratings.  However, with her Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice doing so well for ABC – I could see them giving it a second season.

With that said, ABC is going to keep any show that does decent ratings.  Until Cougar Town stays below a 2.3 rating, it’s not going anywhere. 

So fans: Get ready for its spring return!!  As a show of support – and maybe because they know that a months-long hiatus risks an “out of sight, out of mind” outcome – a new episode of Cougar Town will air after Dancing with the Stars on April 18th.  On ABC, you can’t get a higher profile spot than that!  Then it will settle back into its normal time period two days later (April 20th).



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  1. Let me preface this with the fact that I REALLY liked V. So I realize my opions do not match the rest of the populus. Ordinary Family was good but with Heroe’s and The Cape I think American has had enough superhero-esque shows for the time being. I only caught the beginning of Mr. Sunshine but it seemed solid. Being the first episode though, time will tell. I have liked a lot of premiers only to be dissappointed by show 3. Cougartown feels like one of those guilty pleasure shows that everyone watches but no one will admit to. I think it probably has another couple years left if the writing can keep up.

    • As time goes on, let me know if Mr. Sunshine stays humorous. Perry is a writer/producer on the show, so I have faith in him.

  2. I am very saddened that Cougar Town is not aired on a normal basis, How can anyone expect a show to get good ratings if it is not aired on a regular basis. It is hard to follow a show when most times it seemingly is never aired on a regular basis.

    • It will be back regularly. It is not uncommon for a network to move one of their shows to let a new one launch midseason. It also limits repeats of the show (which usually post horrible ratings if you aren’t NCIS).

  3. Hate Mr.Sunshine. Bring back Cougar Town!

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