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Up first, CBS.  What shows survived the 2010-2011 season, and what shows bit the big one.  Scroll down for the complete list of shows – as well as my thoughts on the network’s decisions:


48 Hours Mystery

60 Minutes

The Amazing Race


Undercover Boss

Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds


CSI: Miami


The Good Wife

Hawaii Five-O

The Mentalist


NCIS: Los Angeles

The Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother

Mike & Molly

Rules of Engagement

Two and a Half Men


Live to Dance


Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

The Defenders


Mad Love

Bleep My Dad Says

Special Note:

This summer will have new episodes of Big Brother, Flashpoint (the dependable Canadian import), I Get That A Lot, and Same Name.

My Thoughts:

Make no mistake – CBS still was #1 for the season in total viewers.  That said, the 2010-2011 season didn’t go as CBS probably hoped.  Of the 9 new shows that premiered this season, only 3 made it out to fight another day. 

Bleep My Dad Says just couldn’t retain the audience from its lead-in The Big Bang Theory – and since the viewers who tuned out of the freshman laugher didn’t land on the only other 30 minute sitcom on Thursday at 8:30p (NBC, that is), or any other network for that matter – the writing was on the wall for the freshman sitcom.

Rookie Mad Love didn’t have horrid ratings – however, it was typically the weakest link on Monday nights.  Too bad, as I was hoping the show would do well, since one of Reaper’s (an amazing, yet short lived, show on The CW) alumni co-starred on Love.

Live to Dance started out relatively impressive, but the ratings took a nosedive and the show ended with a whimper.  I doubt Paula is crying right now – she will be reunited at the judges’ table with Simon Cowell this fall on FOX’s X-Factor.

CBS simply has to be disappointed with the Criminal Mind spin-off’s ratings.  The original show continues to do great numbers for the network, and they already pushed back the premiere from its original fall debut so that they could recast a few spots.  The ratings dropped to a meager (for CBS) number and just never recovered.  I personally still think a CM spin-off could still work – so hopefully they can tweak the ingredients and find the right balance in a few broadcast seasons.

The third time was the charm for Alex O’Loughlin.  Hawaii Five-O finally broke the one-and-done season curse following the actor as he saw Moonlight and Three Rivers get axed.  The new drama already has a syndication deal in place – so that show isn’t going anywhere for quite some time.

I was very interested in seeing how The Big Bang Theory would do on Thursdays when it was initially announced last spring.  After years of CBS trying (unsuccessfully) to launch a new comedy block Wednesdays 8-9p, a Thursday switcheroo seemed a gamble.  CBS came out a genius!  While Survivor – relocated to Wednesday 8-9p – saw its ratings dip a tad, Theory scored spectacular ratings.  CBS has given the sitcom a multiple season renewal.

The CSI franchise’s ratings have been noticeably hurting this season.  All across the board, the shows have seen season (sometimes series) lows.  CSI: Miami – once the unstoppable force on Monday’s at 10p – wasn’t adjusting to their Sunday spot well.  Understandably, CSI: NY’s move to Friday has seen the expected numbers that the Friday graveyard shift always receives.  Even the original CSI had been hitting series low ratings.  However, CBS isn’t done with the franchise yet – renewing all three.  Syndication dollars probably factor in quite a bit, as all three shows do quite well wherever they re-air. 

And finally – Two and a Half Men.  Charlie Sheen is out, Ashton Kutcher is in.  When I first heard the news that Kutcher was cast, I had to scratch my head.  While I knew the new actor would play a different part regardless, he seems quite the change in direction.  The longer I thought about it, the more it makes complete sense.  Kutcher has somewhere around three million Twitter followers.  Let’s see how that translates to new viewers.  The veteran sitcom’s audience has shown that they will show up in droves whether the airing is a new episode or a repeat, so I don’t predict doom and gloom for the ratings without the winning partyboy.  Even if it dips somewhat (and I doubt it will be a dramatic decline), the show will be in its 9th season.  With the monster ratings it already gets, it will still be one of the highest rated shows on TV.  Add to the fact that it was already renewed through the upcoming season, there’s zero risk and all reward to keeping the show alive.  With syndication involved (as it routinely tops the charts as the most-watched show)  this show doesn’t create jokes – it prints money.

So what do YOU think?  Are you happy/upset about any of the choices CBS made?  Would you have done anything differently? 

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  1. I am very angry that a rubbish show like Big Bang Theory didn’t get canceled! That show doesn’t deserve to be on TV! It’s the lamest excuse for a show ever. All the characters do is talk about sex and cut each other down. No one should have to put up with that crap! Anyone who likes it is a freaking loser who should be tied and quartered. As for the crap that was canceled, good riddance!

    • You certainly know how you feel about that show!! haha. The reason BBT got renewed is because its ratings are very high for CBS. Lorre has been laying golden egg after golden egg for CBS.

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