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Next, ABC.  What shows survived the 2010-2011 season, and what shows bit the big one.  Scroll down for the complete list of shows – as well as my thoughts on the network’s decisions:



America’s Funniest Home Videos

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Dancing with the Stars

The Middle

Cougar Town

Body of Proof

Private Practice


Desperate Housewives – Final Season

Grey’s Anatomy

Modern Family

Secret Millionaire

Shark Tank


Happy Endings


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

The Whole Truth

My Generation

Detroit 1-8-7

No Ordinary Family

Off the Map


Supernanny – series ended

Brothers & Sisters

Better With You

Mr. Sunshine

My Thoughts:

Ok, so this will seem like a cop-out; but really, not a lot of surprises here.

Castle was a perpetual bubble show that rose to be a strong player this season – even beating Hawaii Five-O for the A18-49 demo most of the time.  With the genius cross-platform marketing they’ve been doing with releasing mystery novels “written by” Castle – this has become a golden goose for the Disney-owned network.  Watch ratings grow even more if the show hits cable syndication while new episodes are being produced (which helped turn NCIS into a mega-hit for CBS). 

No Ordinary Family and Mr. Sunshine started out incredibly strong when they debuted (fall and midseason, respectively) – but both shows started losing viewers until no one was left.  I’m sad for both of those shows.

Judging by its ratings, I have to believe that Shark Tank – which was renewed – is super-cheap.

I’m shocked that Supernanny wrapped up this year.  Only because I thought it wrapped up years ago.

Don’t be surprised with Brothers & Sisters being cancelled.  Its ratings had put the show on the bubble for two seasons now.  If ABC could get a freshman drama to maintain higher ratings than the older show, B&S was a goner – which is exactly what happened with Body of Proof.  That show came in with strong ratings, and – this is the important part – kept those strong ratings for its first season.  Proof was renewed, while B&S was let go.

Detroit 1-8-7 & My Generation never had a chance.  I don’t even think My Generation aired a third episode.  Don’t be too hard on that show – Thursday at 8 has been a challenging spot for ABC for multiple seasons now.

It’s official: This upcoming season of Desperate Housewives is its last.  This shouldn’t be a huge shock for those following the industry – Marc Cherry (the creator) had this season as the end for a few years now.  All that was left was to negotiate the stars’ contracts– which took a long time.

So what do YOU think?  Are you happy/upset about any of the choices ABC made?  Would you have done anything differently? 

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  1. They cancelled V?!?! I l…moderately tolerated that show. That and Laura Vandervoort is hot.

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