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UPDATED:  FOX has reversed their decision to cancel Breaking In!  The show will be back for a second season.

Last but not least, FOX – the undisputed king of the all-important A18-49 and A18-34 demos.  What shows survived the 2010-2011 season, and what shows bit the big one.  Scroll down for the complete list of shows – as well as my thoughts on the network’s decisions:



American Dad

Raising Hope

Bob’s Burgers

The Cleveland Show

The Simpsons


Family Guy




Hell’s Kitchen

Kitchen Nightmares

So You Think You Can Dance


Running Wilde

The Good Guys

Lie to Me

Lone Star

Traffic Light

The Chicago Code

Human Target

Breaking In

America’s Most Wanted

My Thoughts:

Not too many surprises for FOX.

After running on (ratings) fumes this season, canceling Lie to Me, Human Target, & The Good Guys was inevitable.

Gordon Ramsay can do no wrong on FOX, as everything he touches usually brings in viewers by the droves.  His summer show MasterChef is continuing the successful partnership.

What’s not surprising is Cops being renewed for another season – as FOX’s Saturday lineup has consistently won the night for many years now.  What is surprising is the cancelation of America’s Most Wanted.  FOX’s president explained that the network hasn’t made any money off of the show in quite some time.  However, he is still keeping it in the FOX family by airing an AMW special every three months.

Sadly, most of FOX’s freshman shows didn’t make it to a sophomore year.  Running Wilde, Traffic Light, & The Chicago Code never even premiered with a respectable number. 

Breaking In’s termination makes the 3rd show in a row for Christian Slater to be canned in its first season.  NBC’s My Own Worst Enemy lasted 13 episodes, ABC’s The Forgotten had 17, and now Breaking In being canceled after its midseason run.

Despite Lone Star getting fawned on universally by critics, virtually no one showed up for the first two episodes – making it one of the first shows of the official fall network season to be axed.

After Glee, House is FOX’s highest-rated show – so its renewal was a no-brainer.  However – due to contract negotiations for the veteran drama, Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) walked away after her salary negotiations didn’t meet her (or, probably more realistically, her rep’s) requirements.  Sad for House fans – as Cuddy is a fan favorite – but lucky for CBS’s The Good Wife, where she will have a recurring role next season. 

Fringe got renewed for a full 22-season order.  Despite my belief that it looked likely for cancelation, I image WB came in and practically gave away the show to FOX.  After the 4th season, WB will have at least 88 episodes of the show produced – making a syndication sale possible (88 is the least number you need).  Don’t be surprised if this is the final season of the sci-fi show.

So what do YOU think?  Are you happy/upset about any of the choices FOX made?  Would you have done anything differently? 

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  1. no more cuddy?!? SO SAD!!

    • I know!! I’m bummed too. I think she’s an important part of the show.

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