Cancellation Summary

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While you may have heard of select shows being cancelled here and there, I’ve compiled a list to show all the 2009-2010 season network programs that have been cancelled – any time between their initial airings and the May upfronts.

What all got cancelled?


Accidentally on Purpose, Cold Case, Gary Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, Miami Medical, New Adventures of Old Christine, Numb3rs, Three Rivers


Better Off Ted, The Deep End, Eastwick, FlashForward, The Forgotten, Hank, Happy Town, Lost (ended its run), Romantically Challenged, Scrubs, Ugly Betty


Heroes (though there’s a rumbing of a final TV-movie), Law & Order (might have same treatment as Heroes), Mercy, Trauma, The Jay Leno Show

The CW

Melrose Place, The Beautiful Life


24 (series ended), Brothers, Dollhouse, Past Life, ‘Til Death, The Wanda Sykes Show

Chuck Renewed?

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UPDATED 5/11/10 – Click here for the latest news!

The more questions I get, I will start to add them to my new section: Noah James Q&A.  Hopefully this gets discussions going. 

If you have any questions, email them to me at

Here’s question #1:

Hello i am sorry to bother you. I have been a huge fan of your site and reviews for a while and recently saw your comment on [] where you said Chuck will be renewed. I am sorry to ask but i was just wondering if this is confirmed or just a feeling by yourself?

-Anthony J

Hey Anthony-
Never apologize for “bothering me”!  I always love getting feedback for my website, and I’m glad you like it.
Unfortunately, I don’t know for a FACT that Chuck is renewed, but yet going on a few factors that point to it at least getting another 13 episode order.  I, for one, will throw out the 2.2 rating it got its last episode as a glitch.  When you look at the average ratings, it was pulling in about a 2.5.  Meanwhile, you have Heroes struggling to get a 2 – which still floors me that Heroes has scared away 70% of their 1st season audience. 
This past month, CHUCK has been the anchor of Monday nights, with Heroes hurting at 9, and Leno barely doing anything.  And look at post-Olympics. Starting March 8th, Leno will be replaced by the dinosaur Law & Order (the original).  Law & Order basically gets legacy renewed, so Chuck will STILL be the real bread-winner for Mondays.
Also, since Leno is leaving the 10p spot, that’s 5 hours to fill, which puts NBC in quite a bind for the new season.  I HIGHLY doubt NBC will cancel Chuck due to that.  Does NBC cancel Chuck (which has BECOME a solid performer), and go with risky and expensive to develop new shows – or do they stick with Chuck, since they have a general idea of how that show delivers for them?  I believe they will do the latter. 
So while it’s not official, I would tend to believe that Chuck is a lock for another season.

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